Jones campaign hits Moore on co-authored textbook that decries women in public office

December 1, 2017

By Chip Brownlee
Alabama Political Reporter

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones’ campaign is hitting Republican Roy Moore on an academic textbook Moore co-authored in 2011 that decried women in public office.

Moore’s name was not attributed to the portion of the study that advocates against women in leadership position but Jones’ campaign criticized him for co-authoring the textbook and its accompanying studyguide. He authored another lesson in the course that primarily focused on the Constitution and the courts.

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A very bad Roy Moore press event

November 22, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

The Roy Moore campaign held a press event on Tuesday afternoon.

It was dumb.

I could stop there and you would likely know all you need to know about that … I’m not sure what exactly took place on the capitol steps Tuesday afternoon. A lecture? A physical manifestation of a message board troll ranting?

It was something in that ballpark, and very little of it was helpful, informative or even bearable.

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