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Why America Critically Needs the Conservative Party. NOW.

Dear Editor,

Suboptimal. That’s a heavy-duty word being used by some political pundits these days to describe the “less than optimal” performance of the two major political parties. But suboptimal is what average Americans call “less than satisfactory” and it describes how we feel about Republi-Dem performance during the past 25 years.

“We basically have two bankrupt parties bankrupting the country.” said Stanford University political science professor Larry Diamond in a NY Times editorial by Thomas Friedman. There is ample evidence to support his stark analysis. The United States has: a $14 Trillion National Debt; a $1.5 Trillion annual budget deficit; falling dollar value; 9.7% unemployment; increased illegal immigration; Congressional Earmarks that add to the deficit; near bankrupt Social Security and Medicare systems; the specter of Socialized Medicine; continuing waves of home foreclosures.

Those problems are long-term and could have ONLY happened with the duplicity and complicity of the two major parties. Republicans cooperated with Democrats over the years and allowed them to happen.

These facts beg these white hot, burning questions:
* Can America afford to continue with “business as usual”?
* In the face of the complete and continued mismanagement of our nation’s affairs by the current two-party system, should we Americans support the ossified, stagnant, ineffective and corrupt political leadership that is mainly concerned with getting re-elected rather than solving these problems…year…after year…after year?
* When will the two-party elite change their behavior and modus operandi?

The answers: NO; HELL NO; NEVER.

That’s why American needs the Conservative Party – NOW. CP-USA is becoming America’s true “second party” because the GOP will soon be rendered irrelevant by conservatives, independents and Tea Party activists. CP-USA will be the hard check on the abuses of the dishonest duopoly. CP-USA is the viable alternative that is uniting conservatives and patriotic Americans under one banner.

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Last question: Can we do worse?

The Conservative Party is also the next evolutionary step of the Tea Party because it combines fiscal restraint with traditional American values that are outlined in a clear Platform and is managed by a strong leadership team that has a unified, long-term vision for America.

“If competition is good for our economy,” asks the Stanford professor, “why isn’t it good for our politics?” Indeed!

Harold Hervey, Chairman Conservative Party USA

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