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Judge Roy Moore talks about the race for Chief Justice

By Tom Ward
Alabama Political Reporter

Note: This article is the second installment of a five-part series.

Question: Why do you want to be Alabama’s Chief Justice?

Judge Moore: Having served as Chief Justice before, I have a strong understanding of what is needed at this crucial time. I also understand how the Chief Justice can best meet the needs of the people of Alabama.

Question: If you are elected, what is the first thing you will do as Chief Justice?

Judge Moore: The first thing I would do is to get our state’s judicial system properly organized. The Chief Justice is not only the state’s chief judicial officer, but also the chief administrative officer of the court system.

Question: Name your most important legal accomplishment.

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Judge Moore: Several opinions from my time as Chief Justice have had a lasting impact. I helped stop the equity funding litigation, saving the state over a billion dollars. Also, in the anti-lottery litigation, I’m especially proud of an opinion that clarified the meaning or the word “gambling” as it pertained to those circumstances and statutes. That opinion has been frequently cited by state and federal courts.

Question: If you could change one thing about your political career so far, what would that be?

Judge Moore: I would have helped the people of Alabama understand the Ten Commandments controversy. Because of media reports, most people thought the issue was the monument itself, but it was really about the sovereignty of God.

Question: Tell us something nice about each of your opponents.

Judge Moore: I am glad that they share my experience of having serving as a Circuit Court Judge. That experience is important to the Chief Justice, as it is the court of general jurisdiction in our state. Although I do not know either of them well, it is my understanding that they are both good, decent men.

Question: Like many states, Alabama faces serious budget problems. What experience do you have in managing and cutting budgets?

Judge Moore: When I first became Chief Justice, we received what was then the largest budget cut in the history of court system. That was followed by another large cut the next year. We made hard choices, but we kept the court system open without delays.

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Question: Why should the voters of Alabama choose you?

Judge Moore: They should choose me, first, because I have the most experience as a former Chief Justice. Second, I have successfully handled issues such as the occupational tax, equity funding, the lottery. Even after my years as Chief Justice, I have filed amicus curae briefs in important cases relating to both the U.S. Constitution and the Alabama Constitution.
Please visit to learn more about my accomplishments and experience.
Third, and maybe most importantly, I am not controlled by any special interests. People in the media often complain about the groups who control candidates, but then they celebrate the ability to raise money from those groups and their supporters.
It is not the role of a Supreme Court Justice to be controlled, and people do not give large sums of money for nothing.

Question: Whom are you supporting for President of the United States?

Judge Moore: I have not chosen a candidate yet, but I do know that I will not support our current President, Barack Obama.

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