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Statement from Mary Bauer, legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, on HB 658.

By Staff Report
Alabama Political Reporter

From the Office of the Southern Poverty Law Center

“The Republican leadership’s bill is a half-hearted response to the economic and humanitarian crisis that is gripping our State as a result of HB 56. It will do little to alleviate the problems that have plagued Alabama farmers and small businesses since the original law was passed.  And it will do little to stop the suffering of the Alabama children and families that HB 56 has so cruelly targeted.

Other states, including Mississippi, have learned from the Alabama’s mistakes in passing HB 56 and have refused to go down the same disastrous road. We’re disappointed that our legislative leaders have learned so little from their own mistakes.

The University of Alabama Center for Business and Economic Development has estimated that we’re losing as much as $1 million a day in state and local tax revenue as a result of HB 56.  This new bill will simply dig us a deeper hole, something we can ill afford given the deep and painful budget cuts we’re already facing.”

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