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Governor Bentley Praises Legislative Approval of Supply Money for Teachers

From the Office of Governor Robert Bentley

MONTGOMERY – Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday praised legislative approval of Senate Bill 257, a measure that provides each classroom teacher in K-12 public schools $300 for school supplies.

“The most important people in a child’s life are the ones who kiss them goodbye in the morning and the one who spends the day with them in the classroom.  This legislation will help us show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of school teachers across this state, and I look forward to signing this bill,” Governor Bentley said.  “By setting aside money for classroom supplies, we can help teachers have the tools they need in the classrooms, and that, in turn, will be a benefit to students all across Alabama.”

The bill was sponsored by Senator Greg Reed of Jasper.

“This classroom supply money will serve as a benefit to the students who will use the items, the parents who will no longer have to purchase that which should be provided by the state, and the teacher who will no longer have to dig into his or her own pockets to operate the classroom,” Senator Reed said.

Representative Bill Roberts of Jasper carried the bill in the House of Representatives.

“For too long, teachers have had to cover classroom costs with their own money,” Representative Roberts said.  “It’s time for us to set aside this funding and let teachers know we appreciate the service they provide to our students and to our state.”

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Robert Bentley is the former governor of the state of Alabama.