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Hubbard Reacts to Passage of Amendment in Referendum Election

Staff Report

From the Office of Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard

Montgomery – Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R – Auburn) released the following statement on Tuesday in reaction to a referendum election that saw voters ratify a constitutional amendment designed to stabilize finances in the General Fund budget as long-term fiscal reforms begin to produce results.  The statement read:

“Democrats created Alabama’s deep fiscal problems over several decades, and Republicans can’t solve them overnight. This temporary transfer will provide us the time needed to fully implement the commonsense, conservative budgeting practices, targeted spending reductions and fundamental government reforms necessary to put Alabama back on the path to prosperity without raising taxes.”

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"Mike Hubbard committed crimes with the solitary intention of illegally enriching himself."


The trial court judge ordered his 48-month sentence reduced to 28 months.


Hubbard had been jailed at the Lee County Detention Center since Sept. 11 and was taken on Election Day to the Draper Quarantine Intake...

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Hubbard may not be a violent offender but his actions are a danger to society and a threat to the public.