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Alabama Small Businesses Still Concerned About Economy

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

In a written statement on Tuesday George Washington University and announced survey results of small business owners nationwide, including the state of Alabama. Alabama small business owners says that the economy and jobs are the most important issues in selecting a President.

34% of Alabama small business owners selected economy and jobs as the most important issue in selecting the next president. Ethics, honesty and corruption in government was rated as the second-most important issue for small businesses in Alabama. Alabama business owners selected high gas and oil prices as the single greatest burdensome costs on their businesses. 70% of Alabama business owners said that health care costs were important to the success of their businesses. Only 16% of Alabama business owners said that Obama’s healthcare policies were good for their businesses.

George Washington University lead researcher Dr. David Rehr said in a written statement, “Small businesses are deeply attuned to the effect of politics on job creation and the economy. Entrepreneurs are feeling squeezed by the tight lending environment, and they want their elected leaders to curb the influence of money in politics.”

The co-founder of, Sander Daniels said in a written statement, “After a month-long survey of over 6,000 small business owners nationwide, we have heard an unusually nuanced story about what really concerns them. These entrepreneurs are an important barometer of our nation’s economic health and political sentiment. When job creators speak, we need to listen as closely as possible.”

An accountant in Birmingham said, “We need to make the Small Business Administration a streamlined source for financing. No bailout is needed for my business—just don’t over regulate. Abolish the special benefit programs for health care and pensions for elected officials. Let them use the same programs the rest of us use. ”

A Montgomery business consultant said, “The paperwork, taxes, and fees required of small businesses is overwhelming. When you put others to work in a small business, you frequently without paying yourself while starting. Having undue burdens is overwhelming. I’ve built three successful small businesses and paid my fair share of taxes, but without good business planning, most fail. I do not believe they should be given incentives to start. If they cannot figure it out, then work for someone who can and learn before starting on your own.”

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. surveyed 6,164 small businesses across the United States for the survey. The survey asked questions about political issues and business costs that the authors believed were important to small business.

Nationally likely business owners of businesses with five or less employees say that they are voting for President Obama (D) over Governor Romney (R) by a margin of 48% to 37%. Business owners who have more than five employees preferred Romney 49% to 39% over Obama.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



C.J. is the founder of the Free Thinker Project and a student senator for the University of Alabama’s student government.


Nivory Gordon was appointed Tuesday by President Joe Biden.


Sewell was the Alabama member of Congress to vote in favor of raising the debt limit.