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Armistead: Romney Offers a Clear Choice in Second Debate

Staff Report

From the Office of Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following statement at the conclusion of the second presidential debate:

“Once again, President Obama failed to offer a plan to get America’s economy back on the right track and instead continued to blame past presidents and Congress for his failure. The truth is that after four years of Obama’s economic policies our economy remains stalled and Americans are still struggling to find work and pay their bills.

It’s time for a change and Romney clearly made the case tonight that he has the experience and the plan to turn things around. His five point plan includes pursuing energy independence, training American workers, enforcing fair trade policy, cutting the deficit and championing small businesses  and these policies will create the jobs Americans so desperately need. Governor Romney showed what American leadership will look like in a Romney Administration, where he will not be afraid to call terrorism what it is, evil. President Obama and his administration have failed in leading our country on the economic front and foreign policy front.  President Obama had the audacity to say in the debate tonight that he called the attack on our Libyan embassy and the murder of U. S. Ambassador Chris Stevens terror the day after the attack.  In reality, the Obama administration sent U.N.

Ambassador Susan Rice on four Sunday TV news shows saying that the Administration had no evidence that it was a terror attack and blamed it on a YouTube video. The situation would be comical if it were not such a serious matter of national security. President Obama continues to put his head in the sand on the issue and that was on display tonight. It is time for new leadership in the White House! We look forward to not only delivering Alabama’s electoral votes to Governor Romney in November, but we are also proud to be sending Alabama Patriots to battleground states such as Florida and Ohio to help ensure Romney/Ryan victories there as well.”

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