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Brooks Senate campaign announces campaign co-chairmen

Bill Armistead and Stan McDonald will co-chair Mo Brooks’ Senate campaign.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks in a previous campaign video.

Congressman Mo Brooks’ Senate campaign has announced that former Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead and former Limestone County Probate Judge Stan McDonald will be the campaign co-chairs. The two men chaired the campaigns of the last two GOP nominees for the U.S. Senate.

McDonald chaired the Tommy Tuberville for Senate campaign in 2020 and is a former Limestone County Probate Judge.

Armistead chaired the Roy Moore for Senate campaign in the 2017 special election. Both campaigns overcame well-known and well-funded Republican primary opponents in Jeff Sessions and Luther Strange.

Armistead is a well-known fixture in Alabama Republican politics and is a former Alabama state senator.

“I’ve known Mo Brooks for over 30 years and have seen him fight for conservative Republican values as a State Representative, County Commissioner, District Attorney and Congressman,” Armistead said. ”Mo is conservative to the core and understands the pro-life, second amendment, border security and family values that Alabamians hold near and dear to their heart.”

“Alabama needs and deserves a Senator who represents Alabama citizens, not special interests,” Armistead said. “Mo has proven during his 10 years in Congress that he does not sit idly by and let Washington RINOs and Liberal Democrats destroy the principles on which our Founding Fathers founded this nation. Mo will help Make America Great Again. It is a great honor to serve as Co-Chairman of the Mo Brooks for Senate campaign with my long-time friend Stan McDonald.  Stan and I have fought in the trenches together for many years on behalf of conservative Republican principles and candidates. I don’t know of anyone I’d rather be in the fox hole with in a political battle more than Stan.”

McDonald said: “The Mo Brooks campaign will be successful because Mo’s entire career is built on integrity, impeccable ethics and fidelity to our Constitution and rule of law. I’ve known Mo since 1983 and he always does things the right way, never a hint of political antics. His record proves he will be a fearless, hard fighting Christian soldier on behalf of Alabama conservative values.”

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“The Mo Brooks campaign is very robust because of the quality of conservative support Mo has earned over the years,” McDonald said. “Mo’s consistent conservative record is unequaled in this Senate race and, as a result, his quality of support from Alabama citizens and national conservative voices is impressive.”

“Bill Armistead is a champion for conservative Christian values,” McDonald said. “Bill’s campaign leadership is a tremendous asset because of his well-deserved credibility with Alabama voters.”

Brooks is serving in his sixth term representing Alabama’s 5th Congressional District.

“I am honored the campaign chairmen of the last two Republican nominees for the U.S. Senate have joined together to lead my campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Brooks said. “They continue our great start in a Senate race that may very well determine whether America remains a bastion of liberty and freedom or succumbs to the evil forces of dictatorial Socialism.”

“Patriots who love America are encouraged to help and join our team by going to our website at,” Brooks said. “The fight for America’s future is on. We will either continue as the greatest nation in world history or, like so many great nations before us, fall into the dustbin of history. Alabama, the choice is yours.”

Secretary of State John Merrill announced last week that he was not running for Senate after it was revealed that he had had an affair. Brooks’ only opponent, at this point, is former Trump administration Ambassador Lynda Blanchard.

The Republican primary is scheduled currently for May 2022. Incumbent Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, is retiring at the end of his current term, his sixth in the Senate.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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