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St. Clair County Republicans Present Armistead with $2,500 Check to Support Battleground Patriots

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

The St. Clair County Republican Party has no remaining Democratic Party opponents to do battle with as none qualified for this year’s election.  With Congressman Mike Rogers (R) from Saks appearing to have a commanding lead over his Democratic opponent, Lee County Commissioner John Andrew Harris this freed the Republicans in the conservative county to turn their efforts toward electing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) the President of the United States.

St. Clair Republican Party Chairman Freddie Turrentine presented Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead with a check for $2,500 to support the Battleground Patriots, busloads of Alabama Republicans who are traveling to swing states to canvass neighborhoods on behalf of Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.

Chairman Armistead said that Alabama will be easily carried by Governor Romney, “We are ahead of the rest of the nation in certain respects.”  But despite this it was still possible that President Barack Obama could be reelected so Chairman Armistead formed the Alabama Battleground Patriots.  Busloads of Alabama Republicans are traveling to swing states to do door to door political canvassing for the Romney campaign.  Chairman Armistead said a bus was leaving Sunday going to Jacksonville Florida and on Wednesday two buses are going to Ohio.  “We will be in a position to help Governor Romney.”  Chairman Armistead reminded the group that the 2000 election was decided by 537 votes in Florida and this election could be that close again.

Chairman Armistead thanked Chairman Turrentine and the St Clair County Party for helping fund the Battleground Patriots and said that there were still some seats on the buses left for volunteers.

Chairman Armistead told the group of local Republicans, “You really have done a great job.”  Armistead said that even though Gov. Romney should easily carry the state of Alabama and while in St. Clair County there are no local Democrats to defeat in the General election it was still very important for St. Clair County Republicans to get out the vote because, “We have two statewide candidates that really need your vote.”

Armistead said that it is important to encourage everyone to vote for Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R) for President of the Alabama Public Service Commission and Judge Roy Moore (R) for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

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Chairman Armistead said that Pelham Attorney Harry Lyon (D) ran for the Chief Justice position but he was removed from the ticket so Democrats could put a handpicked judge on the ballot from Jefferson County. Chairman Armistead called Judge Robert Vance (D), “a protégé of Barack Obama.”  Armistead said that the first U.S. Attorney Obama appointed was Vance’s wife and that both Judge Vance and his wife have given campaign contributions to Barack Obama.  Armistead told the St. Clair Republicans to tell their friends not to split their ticket.

Chairman Turrentine and the St. Clair County Republicans also presented a $500 check to the campaign of Angie Cobb (R), who is facing a well-funded challenge for the St. Clair County School Board from Independent David Countryman.  Chairman Armistead said, “I am glad you ran the Democrats out of town now lets get rid of that independent.”

Chairman Armistead said that when he became the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, “We were not doing very well at the county level.  Some other counties have not offered up candidates like you have.”  Armistead said that the state party has identified 20 counties that they were targeting in this election.

Armistead said that if they are successful then there will be more Republican counties like St. Clair, Shelby, and Baldwin where the county electorate votes Republican in national elections, votes Republican in state races, and vote for Republicans in all their local races.

Armistead said, “We are running against Barack Obama and the Alabama Democratic Party.”  Armistead said this was, “The first time in the history of the Republican Party that we have focus on the County level.”  Armistead said that probate judge circuit judge and sheriff are the three most important local offices and they are especially important because they run the elections.  Armistead said that flipping local court houses Republican court houses will help Republican freshman legislators in 2014 when those freshman Republicans run for office.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.


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