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Republicans Like Romney’s Performance in Last Debate

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Facebook and Twitter allow pundits, politicians, and the public to respond in real time to the Presidential debates.  Neither candidate was able to deliver a knock out blow in the final debate; but Republicans were generally positive about Governor Romney’s performance.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said in a written statement, “An overly aggressive Obama proved one thing to political observers tonight — the President knows he is falling behind and needed to mix things up. Obama interrupted, smirked and laughed his way through another debate, all the while Governor Romney sat poised, calm and collected. Some might even call that being Presidential.”

During the debate, Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R) from Auburn posted on Facebook, “Obama: “Anyone out there can check the record.” Yes we can: Solyndra, Solar Trust, Bright Source, LSP Energy, Amonix Solar, Sun Power…the list could go on and on…”

Birmingham area conservative talk radio host Leland Whaley said, “Romney wins by looking Presidential, in command of the facts and not getting drug into the weeds as a warmonger. Obama is losing in the polls and needed a knockout. He didn’t get it. He will be losing all next week. Romney content to let Obama stew in the Benghazi Scandal without being able to claim Romney made it political. That thing has a life of its own. Obama will not impress undecided voters with his childish antics. Remember he is the President, but his opponent looked much more Presidential. Go Romney. Great Job.”

Alabama State Representative Barry Moore (R) from Enterprise said on Twitter, “Is it just me or does the POTUS seem just like an empty shirt?”

Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Chris Brown said on Twitter, “Obama’s closing sounds desperate. Does he know he has lost this election.”

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Speaker Hubbard said on Twitter, “Romney: “After the election Putin won’t get more flexibility, he’ll get more backbone.” Peace through strength. Worked before, it’ll work again.”

Alabama State Senator Bryan Taylor (R) from Prattville said on Twitter, “Tonight we saw two men with two very different plans… on how to increase our debt & decrease our civil liberties.”

Rep. Jack Williams (R) from Vestavia said on Twitter, “Obama closing remarks start with an attack on Bush. He can’t articulate his own vision for our future.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Twitter, “Tonight, Mitt Romney was strong and resolute. He offered a plan, a vision for the future. He was a Commander-in-Chief.”

Chairman Armistead said, “Obama knows this election is slipping away from him and we know why. It is this President’s utter failure to lead that has caused Americans in wide margins to break towards Governor Romney in the closing days of this campaign.  As Obama’s image in the global community has dimmed, so has America’s. It is time for a leader who will restore America to its former brilliance. The President of the United States should know that America never, ever, leads from behind. And we need never fear that Romney will make promises of “flexibility” to leaders who don’t have America’s best interest at heart.”

Chairman Brown said on Twitter, “This choice is clear, four more years of a failed presidency or bringing back prosperity and making America that Shining City on the Hill again.”

Former Bush Administration advisor Karl Rove said, “POTUS is right: we do need to make smart decisions. First one, get new POTUS.”

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North Alabama conservative talk radio host Dale Jackson said on Twitter, “Obama has zero desire to talk about Obama… He attacks Romney like he is the President… He will be soon.”

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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