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GOP Reflects on Alabama Battleground Patriots Effort to Elect Romney

From the Office of Bill Armistead, Chairman Alabama Republican Party

“The Patriot who feels himself in the service of God, who acknowledges Him in all his ways, has the promise of Almighty direction, and will find His Word in his greatest darkness.”—Francis Scott Key


I saw the above quote recently and it struck me as to how apropos that is for our country today. We face troubles on all sides right now – failing domestic policies at home and emboldened enemies abroad – yet, I have never seen such an uprising of true American Patriots who are ready to work and sacrifice in order to get our country back. And I personally believe that our Alabama Patriots are the finest of all. They certainly proved their worth these past few days.

I came up with the idea of the Alabama Battleground Patriots because people across the state kept asking me how they could help the Romney/Ryan ticket in the swing states where the battle was truly being fought. I hoped that we would be able to send a few dozen people to help in battleground states, but we received such an overwhelming response of willing volunteers, that we ended up sending close to 200 Patriots altogether.  Two buses headed up to Dayton Ohio, led by Congressman Mo Brooks, and one bus went to Jacksonville, Florida. Between these two teams, over 30,000 doors were knocked on! Some people may say it’s a coincidence that Romney’s numbers went up in those states a few points immediately afterwards, but I’m giving full credit to these amazing Alabamians!

I’ve asked a few of these weary travelers to share their thoughts and memories from the trips, as well as some photos taken along the way. We also caught the media’s attention, so I’d like to share those articles and videos as well. Please take a few minutes to read about your fellow Alabamians and the difference they made in the most important election in the history of our nation, and be proud to call them neighbors and fellow Patriots!

For the Cause,

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Bill Armistead, Chairman

Alabama Republican Party


Patriots Reflect

Susan Chipman, deployed to Ohio – “Having Mo Brooks join us was inspiring.  It was nice to see him work side by side with us and he also took time on the bus trip to do a mini townhall meeting.  You could bet there were a lot of questions for him to answer and he did! Going to Paul Ryan’s rally way out in the country was fabulous. Listening to what Paul Ryan had to say and then getting to shake his hand was a real privilege.”

Caryl Green, deployed to Florida – “The first day we hit a little over 60 houses and the next two days we did over 100 each day. Most were enthusiastically voting for Romney and were encouraging our efforts, especially when we told them we had come from Alabama to help get the early vote going.”

Tom and Becky Dollman, deployed to Ohio – “We had an outstandingly warm reception and support from local Romney/Ryan staffers and supporters.  My wife and I worked out of the Centerville Victory Center in about 7 different neighborhoods in the Greater Dayton Area. WOW!  What a blessing to be able to reach out to Ohioians.”

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Amanda Pritchard, deployed to Ohio – “I’m so proud to have been a part of the Alabama Battleground Patriots who we now also call family. Meeting new friends in one of the most influential states of this election was an honor. We met mostly friendly folks with a few who were in favor of being repressed for another four more years. The people of Ohio were welcoming and ‘blessed our hearts’ and thanked us for being there and for spreading the word. Progress can be made by voting Romney/Ryan this Tuesday, November 6! Or as my favorite button said, ‘It’s time for some R & R.” Amanda was also responsible for supplying many of the photos used in this email!

Donald LaPointe, deployed to Florida – “Based on attendance, interaction and participation at the Monday night debate party; the attitude and energy of the Victory Center staffers and the ALGOP folks; and the responses the ALGOP volunteers are receiving as we visit in the community, it appears that Duvall County is going to be the vanguard of the GOP in North Florida and the Panhandle that will more than offset the liberal bastions of South Florida (especially Miami-Dade County) and deliver yet another swing state for the Romney-Ryan ticket. Thank you and the ALGOP for giving us the opportunity to participate in this historic event!”

John Martin, deployed to Ohio – “Thanks for your hard work to make the Ohio trip an organized and productive success.   Dayton was a great area to work for the campaign and Mo Brooks is a real statesman for the Party.”

Jan Massie, deployed to Ohio – “Just want you to know what a great time our Alabama group had in Ohio last week!  We feel that we did make a difference! A very worthwhile and memorable week!  Thank you for planning this for us!  I am so happy that I had an opportunity to be a part of this “once in a lifetime” experience!”

Ken Brown, deployed to Ohio –  “When bad weather hit, we just put on a poncho and went out anyway. We were excited to come here and got a great reception from the Romney staff. We’re tired, we’re sore, but we’re also satisfied.”

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