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Alabama Leaders Remember ‘The Day that Will Live in Infamy.”

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Friday was December 7th. On that day 72 years ago Air aviators and submarines of the Japanese Imperial navy attacked the U.S. Navy base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by surprise. The one hour and fifty-five minute surprise aerial attack killed 2,335 U.S. Servicemen and wounded 1,143. 68 American civilians were also killed and 35 were wounded on that Sunday morning. All of the 8 battleships that were docked there that day were sunk. Six of those were later raised, repaired, reactivated and saw combat in the war that began on that day. The U.S.S. Arizona exploded when a Japanese bomb detonated inside the ship’s forward magazine. 1,100 of the dead were onboard the Arizona. The U.S.S. Arizona and the remains of many of those sailors and Marines are just beneath the waves of Pearl Harbor to this day.

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R) from Montgomery said on Facebook, “It’s been 71 years since that day of “infamy,” when Pearl Harbor was attacked and the United States was thrust into WWII. Let’s never forget what happened that day, the lives lost and sacrifices made. May we always remember how that special generation that rose up in defense of freedom and became the definition of American greatness.”

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) had the state’s flags lowered to half-staff in remembrance of one of the worst day in U.S. Military history. On Facebook the Governor said, “The flags at the State Capitol are flying at half-staff today in honor of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.”

U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R) from Huntsville said, “71 years ago, our nation experienced a “date which will live in infamy” as Pearl Harbor was attacked and 2,400 American lives lost. Today we remember our service members who paid the ultimate price for freedom, and are reminded of the need to stay vigilant to provide the resources and funding our forces need.”

U.S. Representative Robert Aderholt said, “December 7, 1941. A date which will live in infamy. Please take a moment today to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and the thousands of Americans that were killed or wounded.”

The youngest living World War II veterans are now entering their 90s. Rep. Roby said, “It’s important that we honor the heroes from that “greatest generation,” and pass along their story to young people today.

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One amazing program that is doing both at the same time is the Honor Flight network, which provides WWII veterans trips to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII monument built in their honor. Please consider donating or volunteering with the Honor Flight network, and share this information with your friends.

If you know of a WWII Veteran who has yet to take part in an honor flight, please contact the Honor Flight South Alabama team and let them know.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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