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Editorial: It is Time to Get Serious About School Security

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Everybody by now has seen some of the non-stop hysterical media coverage of the latest mass killing at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut where some evil maniac slaughtered his mom, six teachers and staff, and 20 first graders.The left, led by President Barack H. Obama are (of course) jumping on this event to press their anti-gun agenda that would strip millions of Americans of their gun rights.Whatever side of that debate you fall on, the truth is that America is such a heavily armed society that it will remain so for decades even if the gun grabbers successfully passed their entire agenda.

Another unpleasant truth we need to accept is that this society produces too many murderous freaks. Maybe we are pumping too many mind altering drugs into kids when they are too young.Maybe when we kicked God out of our schools we also took away the fear of eternal damnation, which perhaps helped keep some people in check. Perhaps a belief in God, in the hope of a next life, in the threat of a judgment day is all necessary to give people the hope that they need to endure a sad life they simply can’t handle by themselves.

Maybe some kids can’t handle first person shooter video games.Maybe our families need to be stronger for our kids’ sakes.Maybe some males react very badly too all female authority figures now much more common in our educational systems. Maybe if we kicked some kids’ butts more when they get out of line and make them get out of the house and do some work, they won’t sit around stewing over every slight and plotting on staging their own twisted mini-apocalypse.Maybe we need to revisit our mental health protocols.Maybe CNN and the other blanket news coverage turning these sick little villains into rock stars only breeds more of the scum. I will not name the assassin here. Maybe evil is real in this world and it walks among us.

The truth is we can debate this topic too death: but the simple truth is that if you have kids, there IS someone out there who wants to kill your kids for fun, for vengeance, for malice, for fame.I don’t know why they have these urges.I will never fully understand any of this; but there is no doubt that these people exist and they carefully plan their murderous mischief where they can do the most damage.

Ok, if we accept that nut jobs exist in the world and they have access to weapons; why are we still warehousing our students in schools and universities that are “gun free zones?” To the best of our knowledge, the “gun free zone” signs have not stopped a single mad killer and have not saved any child’s life.Gun free zones just make our kids a whole lot easier to kill.It is bad enough that U.S. schools are on the whole mediocre and cost us a small fortune; but it has become painfully obvious to all observers (both the sane and the criminally insane) that they have absolutely no security to speak of.The kids are sitting targets with absolutely no protection at all of any kind.

Either train and arm the teachers or at the bare minimum assign the schools their own armed security force.This country has enough money to hire TSA guys to grope peaceful airline passengers; but we can’t afford to deputize people to protect our kids???It is time to get serious about school security. Police procedures for dealing with these massacres need to improve substantially; but at the end of the day the only way to do battle with gun men is with gun men.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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