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Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice Denounces State of Alabama’s Request to Review “Harboring Provision” of HB56

Staff Report

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice denounced today the State of Alabama’s request to the Supreme Court for review of the “harboring provision” of HB56, the harshest anti-immigrant law in the nation.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down this part of the law last year along with several other provisions.

ACIJ and its eight member organizations oppose any effort on the part of the State of Alabama to reinstate any part of HB56 and continue to advocate for repeal of anti-immigrant legislation.  The organization fully supported the 11th Circuit Court’s decision to strike down this provision and hope that the Supreme Court will refuse to review the law.

“It is unconscionable that the Governor refuses to spend state dollars for basic necessities like health care and yet is willing to squander our tax dollars to defend his reputation and a law that has been found unconstitutional by the courts and repudiated by the entire country,”  said Reverend Angie Wright, ACIJ Steering Committee member.

“This is like rubbing salt in the wounds of the immigrant community,” said Evelyn Servin, an immigrant community leader in Russellville, Alabama.  “This part of the law would make it a crime for someone to give an undocumented person a ride or a place to stay, putting not only immigrants in danger but also church and community members who work to help everyone in Alabama.”

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is a network of individuals and organizations which seek to provide a united voice dedicated to ensuring the social, legal and civic rights of all immigrants in Alabama. ACIJ’s members work to promote justice for all of Alabama’s immigrants. 
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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,856 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



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