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Beth Chapman Endorses Fridy

Beth Chapman



(Editorial Note: the Alabama Republican Party is faced with a choice this weekend between keeping ALGOP Chairman Bill Armistead or replacing him with Matt Fridy.)

By Beth Chapman
Alabama Secretary of State

Dear Executive Committee Member,

I have known Matt Fridy for many, many years. He is an outstanding man of character and has accomplished tremendous things for the Republican Party in Shelby County.

I have worked closely with Matt Fridy and have confidence in his ability to lead our party into the next year and the 2014 election cycle. I encourage your support of Matt as our next state chairman. I have been outspoken and have written about many issues that matter most to the conservative cause. Matt shares my passion for these ideals as well, and will be a fantastic public messenger as we move forward into the 2014 election cycle. His leadership is effective, and his love for our party is evident.

I am not seeking elective office next year. My highest recommendation for Matt’s candidacy is based solely in the knowledge and confidence I have that he is the best choice our party has on Saturday, February 2nd. I encourage you to vote for Matt Fridy for ALGOP State Chairman, and I am available if you have any further questions.

In closing, a very heartfelt thanks to each of you for your support during my terms as Alabama’s State Auditor and Secretary of State. The opportunity to serve you– and make a difference– has been an immense honor and privilege.





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