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You can’t make this stuff up

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MONTGOMERY—This weekend Speaker Mike Hubbard, released this picture and caption on his Twitter account.

“Discussed GOP politics with Larry The Cable Guy tonight. He is a hoot! He loved the gun bill we passed yesterday.

This may capsulizes this 2013 session better than anything else we’ve seen or heard.

We hear Marsh consulted with Larry on the Accountability Act. But that is yet, unconfirmed.

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With more than half of his sentence remaining, Hubbard's legal team filed a motion on Sept. 10 requesting early release.

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"Justice should never be meted out with favoritism, but it was in Hubbard's case."


Rigsby is running for the seat currently held by Speaker Mac McCutcheon, who is not seeking re-election.


Clouse, who's served for 27 years, will challenge Nathaniel Ledbetter.