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Alabama Democratic Majority Chairman, Justice Mark Kennedy, Denounces Republican Attempts to Make Voting More Difficult

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Montgomery – The Republican Supermajority in the Alabama Legislature is moving closer to making it more difficult to register to vote in Alabama.  Citizens can currently register to vote up to 10 days before Election Day.  A bill making its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature would change that deadline to 17 days before Election Day—decreasing the number of days for voter registration.

“The Republican Supermajority should be doing what it can to make voting easier, not harder,” said Kennedy.  “Other states are moving voter registration deadlines closer to Election Day…some are even allowing voters to register at the polls and vote the same day.  Other states are moving toward vote by mail and even registering to vote online.  Just like the photo ID bill, this is another attempt by the Republican Supermajority to keep people from voting.  It’s no surprise that Del Marsh and Mike Hubbard would want fewer people voting next year after passing the School Accountability Act.”

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