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State Department of Education postpones release of failing schools list

By Beth Clayton
Alabama Political Reporter

The State Department of Education executive board postponed the release of their list of “failing schools” yesterday, citing a “legal inquiry.”

Under the Alabama Accountability Act, the State Department of Education must compile a list of schools in the bottom six percent in the state. The students zoned for the schools listed as “failing” would receive vouchers to attend private or non-failing public schools.

The State Department of Education postponed the release “due to a legal inquiry related to the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) that must be addressed prior to finalization of the list of Priority Schools and our regulations,” a press statement said.

The executive board of the State Department of Education met yesterday, however the list of failing schools was not on the agenda of business at all.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, board member Mary Scott Hunter (R-Huntsville) asked Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice about the status of the list.

Bice simply echoed the statement released to the press two days before, saying it was due to a legal matter.

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Governor Bentley responded to Bice’s comments, saying “I have no idea what [Dr. Bice] is talking about.”

The State Department of Education anticipates that they will release the list of “failing schools” during a press briefing on Tuesday, June 18.

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