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Sessions Accuses Reid and Democrats of Ideological Inflexibility as Federal Govt Goes Into Shutdown

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act opening election period begins across the country just as the government that is promising to subsidize the healthcare insurance is shutting down many services because the government can’t pay for existing spending without borrowing hundreds of $$billions from future generations and the two political parties are hopelessly divided on whether or not President Obama’s massive healthcare insurance reform program is good for the country or not.

Senator Jeff Sessions says that the Senate Democrats unwillingness to compromise on Obamacare and delay the individual mandate that orders all Americans to obtain health insurance (whether they want it or not) is ideological inflexibility on the part of Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats.

Sen. Sessions said in a written statement, “Chairman Max Baucus, the lead Senate author of the health law, described its implementation as a ‘train wreck.’ Yet Senator Reid and his Democratic majority are refusing to discuss even minor changes to it. The Obamacare exchanges officially go live tomorrow and will cause millions of Americans to lose their existing health plans. Millions more—as the labor unions have warned—are seeing their 40-hour work week turned into part-time jobs, or even eliminated. No Alabama worker should lose a good health plan or a good job because this partisan health law was forced on the country through the raw exercise of legislative power. The legislation was jammed through by a procedural abuse, without amendment, and over the outcry of American people.”

Congresswoman Martha Roby (R) from Montgomery said, “This is the third time in just over a week that we have sent a government-funding bill to the Democrat leadership in the Senate. The first bill would have defunded ObamaCare entirely. The second would have delayed the entire law by one year. The Senate has shown breathtaking arrogance toward the views of working Americans who do not want this law. In each case, Democrat senators have swatted down the funding bills while refusing to negotiate and offering nothing. Each time they push us closer to a government shutdown.”

Sen. Sessions said, “House Republicans are working to spare American workers from this train wreck. But Leader Reid and President Obama are building a fortress around the law—even as more and more train wrecks are discovered in the 2,700-page bill no one had time to read. Senator Reid even demanded that the President cancel a meeting with Republican leaders to work on a solution. He continues to block even bipartisan amendments. They’re not willing to change one jot or tittle of their law to protect a single worker. This is the definition of ideological inflexibility.”

Former State Senator Bradley Byrne (R) from Montrose said on Facebook, “The American people do not want a shutdown and they do not want Obamacare. They want their government to work for them and not against them. We must stop kicking the can down the road as a country and solve these problems by cutting spending and balancing the budget. The President’s failed leadership on this is exactly why we must send a qualified problem solver to Washington who will get things done.” Byrne is in the Special Republican Primary Runoff to seek the vacant First Congressional District seat. Byrne’s opponent is former Roy Moore aide and developer Dean Young.

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Rep. Roby said, “The legislation we passed in the House would do three things. First, it would avoid a government shutdown. Second, it would delay the onerous ‘individual mandate,’ which empowers the federal government to force everyday working Americans to purchase pre-approved insurance plans in order to avoid a government fine. The President has already approved a similar one-year delay for businesses. And, third, the bill would repeal special healthcare subsidies for Members of Congress and Congressional staff. These provisions are all based on a simple principle: equality under the law.”

Sen. Sessions concluded, “Certainly, a delay in implementation is not unreasonable. I call on Senator Reid to negotiate with House Republicans and to work to spare our citizens from this train wreck. The President has exempted big businesses and others in the political class. It’s time to protect the middle class. It’s time for the White House to acknowledge the bill is unworkable and that action is needed to protect the American people. My priority will remain the same: to defend Alabama workers and their families.”

The House passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open and remove some of the harmful effects of ObamaCare. The Senate later rejected the measure on a 54 to 46 party line vote.
Rep. Roby said late Monday night, “Tonight the House again acted to keep the government open and to protect the American People from the harmful and unfair effects of ObamaCare.” “My staff and I are on Capitol Hill ready to work through the night. I remain hopeful that Democrats in the Senate will put aside foolish pride of authorship on the healthcare law and recognize that it is fundamentally flawed, poorly implemented, and not ready for primetime.”

Meanwhile President Obama sees shutdown as an opportunity for political gain. In an email to supporters that was sent out late on Monday afternoon Pres. Obama wrote,

“When I make decisions, I think about people like you, and the millions of Americans just like you. I need partners in the Senate and House who share that focus. And tonight’s fund raising deadline is crucial. Chip in $3 or more before midnight tonight to support Democrats.”

As of press time Obamacare is still being implemented and the government is going into shutdown mode.

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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,941 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



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