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Mathis Campaigns Against Obamacare: Launches Website to Tell Alabama’s Stories About Obamacare

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Dr. Chad Mathis (R) from Indian Springs is running for Congress in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District, but he is also running strongly against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare).

Dr. Mathis announced that his new website: will allow citizens around the state to tell their stories about their problems with the unpopular healthcare insurance reform effort. Mathis said,

“I’m running for Congress because I know Obamacare is hurting people in Alabama. I’ve been closely following the disastrous rollout of the law including the stories of people in Alabama and across the country who have had their health insurance cancelled or premiums skyrocket.”

The candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District said, “More needs to be done to highlight what is happening to families across this district and by launching we’re giving Alabamians a voice to tell President Obama and Washington to keep your hands off our healthcare. I will personally hand-deliver the petition, your Obamacare horror stories, and canceled healthcare letters to the White House. I’m calling on folks from all over our district to join us at Sign the petition, share your story with me, and together we will let your voice be heard from Alabama all the way up to Washington.”

Dr. Mathis said that his website – – is for citizens around the state and the 6th District to tell their stories, send in healthcare cancellation notices, and sign a petition to stop Obamacare. Dr. Mathis made his announcement in the shadows of the IRS building on Wednesday with families from the 6th District who have had their health insurance canceled or their premiums skyrocket under Obamacare.

Becky from Helena said, “Not only was I told that I couldn’t keep my plan, like the President promised, but to switch to a comparable plan I’d have to pay about 150% more per month. We need people like Dr. Chad Mathis to go to Congress and fight to end Obamacare.”

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Kathy from Montevallo said that the insurance plan provided by her husband’s employer became too expensive, “We decided it would be best for our family if we purchased an insurance policy on the individual market. Now, because of Obamacare, that plan will no longer exist and we’ll be forced back into a more expansive plan, which we flat-out cannot afford. I’m proud to stand up with Dr. Mathis and tell my story, the President needs to hear our voice.”

Dr. Mathis is an Indian Springs orthopedist who helped start the Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic, He also was the founding chairman of the Alabama Coalition for Charter Schools.

Mathis faces stiff Republican competition including: the co-founder and long time CEO of the Birmingham based Alabama Policy Institute (API), Gary Palmer and State Representative Paul DeMarco (R) from Homewood.

Mathis, Palmer, and DeMarco are running for the Sixth District Congressional District currently held by Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) from Vestavia. After serving in the seat for 21 years, Rep. Bachus announced that he would not seek re-election when his current term expires.

The Republican Primary will be in June 2014.

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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,941 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.


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