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Health Plan Changed or Cancelled? Tell Me Your Story

By U. S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL2)

Remember when President Obama said over and over again that “if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan”?

Well, it turns out that wasn’t true, as thousands of Alabamians and millions across the country are facing health insurance cancelations or skyrocketing costs. To make matters worse, the disastrous rollout of the ObamaCare website has made it nearly impossible for those affected to search for alternatives.

I don’t know why the president repeatedly misled the country about the true implications of his health care law. This is the kind of Washington political doublespeak people are so fed up with – and this time it is hurting people in a very real way.

We have to do more than complain about it. My responsibly as a Member of Congress is to make it right by acting to protect Americans from these rate hikes and plan cancellations.

That’s why I’m co-sponsoring the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” which will allow health care plans currently being offered to continue next year, just like the president promised. The bill also ensures that Americans choosing to maintain their health plans will not face a tax penalty under ObamaCare.

The “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” won’t fix every problem with ObamaCare, but it will offer real choices and peace of mind to Americans affected by these changes.

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Time is of the essence, and I’m optimistic Congress will take this bill up as soon as this week. There is talk of similar legislation in the Senate. House and Senate members from both parties recognize the basic unfairness that has occurred here, and good faith efforts to remedy the situation are underway.

However, even though Republicans and Democrats support fixing this problem, we are fighting an uphill battle because this is President Obama’s signature law. Right now, the White House is still resisting the idea of actually allowing Americans to keep the health insurance they like, even though that is exactly what President Obama promised for years.

That’s why I need your help. I’m asking Alabamians who have been impacted by ObamaCare to share their stories. I want to hear about the impact on you, your family or your place of business. Have your rates gone up? Has the plan you like been altered or cancelled? Are you able to see your preferred doctor? Are you pleased with your health care options under the law?

Tell me about it. Tell me your story so I can be a better voice for you and push for positive changes in Congress.

The more we highlight specific examples that demonstrate the real-life consequences of ObamaCare, the more pressure we can put on the White House to accept commonsense, bi-partisan reforms.

Over the last few weeks, a great many Alabamians have called, emailed or sent letters about the negative impact ObamaCare is having on their families. Now it’s your turn, and I’m listening.

To submit your story, visit or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Martha Roby is currently in her second term representing Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. She lives in Montgomery with her husband, Riley and their two children.

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