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Mathis Opens Campaign Headquarters

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Saturday, March 1, Dr. Chad Mathis opened up his campaign headquarters in Hoover on Cyrus Drive off of Valleydale Road.

Dr. Chad Mathis told an estimated 50 supporters, “Thank you guys for coming.  The question I get asked most often is why an orthopedic surgeon would run for Congress.”

Mathis said he is running because, “I am living the American dream. I grew up without much. I worked in the same factory as my Dad to pay for college. My wife and I worked to pay for my medical school.  Dr. Mathis moved to Alabama because my family is from Alabama and my uncle lives in Cullman…The American Dream is under attack. Some people don’t even believe in the American dream anymore…The American dream is being threatened by Obamacare and the National Debt.”

Mathis continued, “The President lied to us. He said that you could keep your plan and your doctor. You can keep neither…Over 90,000 people in Alabama have lost their insurance…A little girl I have been taking care for her arm issue, was forced by the exchange to go on to Medicaid. Under her old plan many doctors would treat her, now her family is struggling to find a doctor that will treat her. The CBO says 2 million people are not going to be looking for jobs because of this. People are trying to decide whether to get married or not due to this.”

Dr. Mathis said, “If I have to balance my budget at work and at home why doesn’t the federal government have to do it?”

“This is a fight for that American dream.”

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Dr. Mathis said, “We need you help with the phone banks and going door to door. There are a 100,000 doors that we need to knock on.” We are fighting for that American dream and our conservative values.”

Dr. Mathis said for Obamacare to be repealed, “We got to take back the Senate but I think that is really going to happen…There is a lot of things going on in Washington that can happen in the next cycle…Mathis said that Republicans need to build a strong conservative coalition in the House.”

Mathis said that he supports patient centered reforms, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and letting you keep your doctor.  “We need doctors in Congress that understand how these things actually work.”

Dr. Mathis said that part of the reason we don’t hear much about the Republican plans is the media.  “Republican plans do get some play in conservative media but the mainstream media keeps saying that Republicans don’t have a plan.”

In response to a question from a supporter about Common Core, Mathis said that on a Federal level Congress needs to block funding tied to the implementation of Common Core so that states can make their own decisions without adoption of Common Core being tied to continue to receive federal grants.

Dr. Mathis said that we have to promote school choice through reforms like charter schools and the Accountability Act. Promoting competition improves products and would improve education.
Mathis said that he supports Israel and that we should support and defend what Mathis said, “Some even call the 51st state.”

In response to a question, Mathis said, “Why not modify versus repeal and replace Obamacare? That law is about power. We had 30 million uninsured before Obamacare and will have 30 million uninsured after

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Obamacare…Obamacare is HMOs on steroids…Its really about freedom we need to be about freedom whether it is about healthcare, energy, or education.”

Mathis said that he is the citizen legislator that Alabama needs.  “We have got to push for three months. It is going to be a grind.”

Mathis’s campaign manager, Steve Petrone said that the real reason to meet here today is to drive up the grass roots support that Mathis is going to need to win this.  The door knocking and phone calling is what is needed to get Chad into office.  “If we can do the plan we have in place at the grass roots level by June 3rd then Chad will be your next congressman.”

Dr. Mathis said in a written opinion piece at, “I’m a physician and a small businessman. But most importantly I’m a parent. Every single day, I see the importance of life. My children are the reason I’m running for Congress in Alabama’s sixth district. They don’t deserve to inherit a nation worse off than the one in which I grew up because of the wasteful spending and the Obama administration’s disregard for that values that made America great.”

Dr. Mathis is an Indian Springs orthopedist. Dr. Mathis said, “I’ve actually read all 2,462 pages of Obamacare and I’ve seen its dreadful consequences on businesses and medical practitioners. That’s why I’m ready to roll up the sleeves of my medical coat and be the rational, conservative voice in Washington that Alabama deserves.”

Alabama Policy Institute co-founder and former President Gary Palmer, state Senator Scott Beason from Gardendale, longtime Harbert executive Will Brooke, mattress manufacturer Tom Vigneulle, state Representative Paul DeMarco from Homewood, State Senator Scott Beason and Robert Shattuck are all running in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District Republican Primary.

The winner of the June 3rd Republican Primary will face Democrat Avery Vise in the November general election.  Longtime incumbent Spencer Bachus (R) from Vestavia is not seeking another term.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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