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Auditor Candidates Address Republicans at Pumpkin Patch

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Four of the Republican candidates for State Auditor attended the Republican Party’s Pumpkin Patch event on Saturday, April 26th, with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) and Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead.

The first to speak was Hobbie Sealy.  Sealy said that he had a great time at the Sarah Palin event in Baldwin County the night before and was delighted to be here in Chilton County.  Sealy said that he was born and raised on a small farm in Montgomery County where has learned Christian conservative values.

Sealy said that there are four candidates in the auditor’s race.  Three have degrees.  I am the only one with an accounting degree. Sealy said that he has used that degree in his 30 years in the military. Sealy said that he has proven professional ability and that the country has had enough of the Obama type of candidate who have little experience.

Hobbie Sealy retired as a full Colonel for Air Force to take a position with USAA (an insurance company) and was with them for 11 years as a director of marketing.  He returned home in 1999 and worked as a tax accountant.  He was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources by then Gov. Bob Riley.

As Deputy Commissioner he was in charge of the two year state audit.  The Department had over 11,000 items spread across the state of Alabama.  Sealy said that he worked with current State Auditor Sam Shaw (R) on the audit.

Sealy said that he had been a longtime Republican and has been a member of the Montgomery County Republican Club executive committee for over ten years.  “This is the first time I have ever run for a public office.” Hobby Sealy said, “I appreciate your support, your payers, and your vote.”

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Adam Thompson thanked Chairman Armistead and the Alabama Republican Party for hosting such a good event.

Thompson said, “I am the only candidate running who has actually worked in the state Auditor’s office.”  I will be ready to go to work immediately. Thompson said that the auditors doesn’t need to have any accounting knowledge.  Instead the auditor deals with state property.  It is actually easier to walk off with a state laptop than it is to steal funds.  One department once lost a $10,000 copier. Whole cars have disappeared before and agencies just say, “We will get another car.” The State Auditor oversees $2 billion worth of state property. “It is an important job.  Not an exciting but is an important job.”

Thompson said that he had been endorsed by the Alabama Retail Association, the Alabama Farmers Federation and the Business Council of Alabama.

Thompson said that his first Child is due any day now.  “I would be honored to have your vote and your support.”

Thompson currently is the Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State and has previously worked in the state Auditor’s office under Beth Chapman (R).

Jim Zeigler said his name is Zeigler just like the Zeigler bologna company.  Zeigler said that he is alphabetically disadvantaged because his name comes last on any list done in alphabetical order.  Zeigler said, “Just save the best for last and vote for Jim Zeigler.”

Zeigler said that he has a plan to turn the auditor office into a watchdog to stop public waste.  The Republican super-majority has improved state government, but after 136 years of Democrat dominated State government there is still a lot of waste.  The Republicans are starting to cut out the waste, “But you don’t cut out 136 years of bureaucracy in just four years.” Republicans have already found illegal second pay checks to over 400 individuals.

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Zeigler said that his plan would turn the auditor back into an auditor in order to find government waste. Zeigler said that there is plenty of money down there to pay for prisons and roads if we would cut out the low priority spending. Zeigler said that he also opposes the foolish Common Core standards.

Zeigler is an attorney and a former Public Service Commissioner.

Former farmer, businessman, Marine, conservative activist, and auditor candidate Dale Peterson was present at the event, but could not stay for the speech making portion of the event.

The winner of the June 3rd Republican Primary will still have to face Democrat Miranda Karrine Joseph in the November 4th General Election.

Current State Auditor Samantha “Sam” Shaw (R) is term limited from running again.

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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