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Stan Cooke Campaigns in Clanton

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Saturday, April 26 candidate for Lieutenant Governor Stan Cooke joined over a dozen other Republican candidates including popular Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) at the Alabama Republican Party’s Rally at the Pumpkin Patch.  Stan Cooke is running in the Republican Primary for Lieutenant Governor against incumbent Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey (R).  The Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party is Bill Armistead.

Stan Cooke said that he graduated from Dora High School and worked in the coal mines to pay his way through college.  Stan Cooke is a minister and a businessman and has worked as the marketing director for a pharmaceutical company. Cooke said that Alabama businesses have operated under the burden of a heavy tax code.

Stan Cooke said that because we are Republicans everything we do must be open and honest and above reproach.  “It is time to clean up Montgomery and address the corruption in that city.”  “If you want integrity you have to vote for people with integrity.”

Cooke said that he is 100% against the controversial Common Core Standards and will demand an up or down recorded vote on Common Core if he is elected to be Alabama’s next Lt. Governor.

Stan Cooke said that he believes in education reform and that the State can have the best educational system in the country.

Dr. Cooke said that for every four students who graduate with a degree in Alabama only one finds a job in their field in Alabama.  Two have to move out of State to find a job and one will give up and remain either jobless or underemployed.

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Cooke said that he believes that the state needs to recruit jobs to all parts of the state.  “More people drawing some form of welfare than we have working in a full time job.”

Dr. Cooke said that the Lt. Governor is just one heart beat from becoming the Governor of the State.  “Who do you want in that position?”

Just two days after this event a tornado plowed through Dr. Cooke’s Church, the Church of God in Kimberly.  No one was killed but the building was reportedly a total loss.

The incumbent, Lt. Governor Kay Ivey is the first Republican woman in the history of Alabama to serve as Lt. Governor.  Lt. Gov. Ivey was represented by a spokesperson to the Chilton County event.

The eventual winner of the Republican Primary on June 3, will face Democratic Challenger James Fields.  Fields won a Special Election in Cullman County to serve in the state legislature, but was defeated in the 2010 General Election in which Republicans, led by then ALGOP Chairman Mike Hubbard swept numerous races across the State.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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