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Merrill Addresses Republican Women

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Thursday, June 5, State Representative John Merrill (R) from Tuscaloosa was in Trussville campaigning for the Republican nomination for Alabama Secretary of State.  Rep. Merrill spoke at the dinner meeting of the influential Republican Women of Trussville (RWOT).

The Alabama Political Reporter was there to report on the event which included numerous candidates, a demonstration on flag etiquette, and remembrances of parents’ service during World War II in conjunction with the 70th Anniversary of D-Day – the allied invasion of Europe which was the decisive moment of the European Theatre in World War II.

Merrill said that this is the fifth time I have been here (with the Republican Women of Trussville) and it is always a pleasure to be here.

Merrill said, My Grandfather served in World War II in the European Theatre.  My Mother was born while he was gone in the war.  Back then understood anything about post-traumatic stress disorder, but for years after the war he dived under the table whenever a plane flew low over the house.  He drove a truck in the European theatre.

Merrill said that he won Jefferson and Shelby County and thanked the RWOT members for their support.

Merrill said that his opponent, Reese McKinney, says that he is the only lifetime Republican in this race.  Merrill said, “I have been a Republican for the last ten years….I have been a member of the legislature.  I am the only candidate that has a proven voting record.  I have a 100 percent record on Pro-life issues.  I was a member of the legislature that has changed the paradigm for reform of the future in this State.  I was a member of the most conservative legislature in the history of Alabama.”

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Merrill said that McKinney has never been in position to prove his conservative credentials.  The position he held did not give him the opportunity to have a record.  He says he is the most conservative candidate in this race, but I have been endorsed by 80 members of the Alabama legislature.

Merrill said that he has raised more money than anybody in this race.  I have driven 155,000 miles and purchased four sets of tires campaigning for this office.

Merrill said that that the primary purpose of the office of Secretary of State is elections.  To make sure that we have credible elections, stop election fraud, and when election fraud is found to expose it and prosecute the people involved.

The second purpose of the office is business incorporation, licensing, and trademarking.  The third major purpose is quality of life issues like assisting Alabamians with international adoptions.  “Those are the three issues that we have concentrated on.”

When asked about how to improve voter participation in future primaries, Merrill said, “My daddy used to be a probate judge.”  One year when his father was running the Primary was in May.  One other time it was in September.  “There is nothing sacred about that date,” (the first Tuesday in June).

The Statewide Republican runoff for Secretary of State, auditor, and Public Service Commissioner Place 2 will be on July 15.  Many other districts in Alabama will also have other races on the ballot: most notably the Sixth Congressional District in Alabama where state Rep. Paul DeMarco faces Alabama Policy Institute co-founder and President Gary Palmer.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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