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Both Palmer and Lester Call for Fuller to Resign

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Monday, September 22, both candidates in the Alabama Sixth District Congressional race have joined the numerous voices calling on disgraced Federal Judge Mark Fuller to resign his lifetime appointment to the Federal bench and leave office following his arrest by the Atlanta Police Department on charges that he beat his wife at an Atlanta area hotel after she accused him of having an affair with a law clerk.

Republican Gary Palmer said in a written statement, “The Constitution says that Federal Judges shall hold their offices “during good behavior.” There is no excuse for Judge Fuller’s conduct towards his wife. He should resign or be impeached immediately.”

Palmer’s statement followed a Monday afternoon statement in which Democratic Congressional candidate Mark Lester called on Judge Fuller to leave and was critical of Palmer for not joining calls for Fuller to resign by Alabama’s congressional delegation. Lester said in a statement, “I’m surprised Palmer has hidden out on this important issue. Judges should be held to a high standard of conduct and Judge Fuller has simply failed in this regard.” 

Lester also continued to attack Palmer promise to the conservative group, Eagle Forum PAC, to defund the Violence Against Women Act.  Lester said that the national hotline funded by the Act has received an 85% increase in calls since the Ray Rice incident.  Lester said, “This sizable increase clearly demonstrates the important role that the Act plays in protecting women. To cut the funding of the Act is to gut it.”

U.S. Representative Terri Sewell said in a statement, “If an NFL player can lose his job because of domestic violence then a federal judge should definitely not be allowed to keep his life-time appointment to the Federal bench.”

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On August 9 Fuller’s wife, Kelli, phoned Atlanta 911 and on tape said, “Help me, please. Please, help me. He’s beating on me.”

Police and paramedics rushed to the hotel room at the Atlanta Ritz-Carlton downtown. According to the police report which was obtained by CNN, Kelli suffered “lacerations to her mouth and forehead” in the alleged attack.  Judge Fuller also grabbed his wife “by her hair, pulling it out.”  The report says that Kelli suffered, “Bruises on her ankle, thigh and knee from being dragged.”  Parademics treated by Kelli on the scene but she refused to be transported to the hospital.

Fuller was jailed after being charged with misdemeanor battery in the alleged attack.  He has since accepted a pretrial diversion for first time offenders without having to admit guilt.  Kelli Fuller has agreed to the terms of the pretrial diversion.

Judge Fuller’s cases have been reassigned to other judges.

Senator Richard Shelby says that he has talked to Judge Fuller and has asked him to resign. Both Senators Shelby and Sessions have called on Judge Fuller to leave.  If he refuses to leave the House has the option of impeaching him and the Senate would then decide his fate in a formal trial in which the Senators would judge the accused.

In the history of the United States, only 12 federal judges have been removed in impeachment proceedings.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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