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The Alabama Voter’s Coalition Endorses All Democrats

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Monday, September 29, the Alabama Voter’s Coalition announced that they have endorsed a slate of Democrats for the upcoming 2014 General Election in Alabama. This liberal leaning political group declared that the fight is on for positive leadership.

Chairman Gary Johnson said in a written statement, “We have a great amount of Democrats with tremendous amount of experience on the ballot this fall to lead this great State. We cannot continue to remain in the status quo mode, and expect our poor and working class to move forward. We are experiencing a setback in our State government and leadership, as corporate welfare and the interest of a select few continue to grow, and the quality of life, jobs, and education continue to decline under Republican leadership.”

The group, as expected, endorsed every Democrat on the ballot for statewide office or for the U.S. Congress. The Alabama Voter’s Coalition has endorsed: Parker Griffith (D) for Governor, James Fields (D) for Lt. Governor, Joe Hubbard (D) for Alabama Attorney General, Lula Albert-Kaigler (D) for Secretary of State, Miranda Joseph for State Auditor, Doug Smith (D) for Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, Burton LeFlore (D) for Alabama’s First Congressional District, Erick Wright (D) in Alabama’s Second Congressional District, Jesse Smith (D) for Alabama’s Third Congressional District, and Mark Lester (D) in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District.

The Alabama Voter’s Coalition said in a statement that they believe the upcoming election is important to the great State of Alabama and its citizens, and that Democrats are the best choice to represent the citizens of the Great State of Alabama.

Gary Johnson said, “We need representation for the people and not the select few and special interest. Our government supposed to serve and represent all people, and our elected leaders are to be a voice for all citizens. Alabama Voter’s Coalition believes that Democrats will do just that.”

In their statement, the Alabama Voter’s Coalition said that it believes that Democrats know the issues and the needs of the people of Alabama. “With the experience and resume on the 2014 General Election ballot, we believe that each of the endorsed Democrats would do a great job in representing the citizens of this great State.”

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Chairman Johnson said, “It’s about protecting the rights of our citizens, voter’s rights, women rights, education, jobs, and a better quality of life.”

The Alabama Voter’s Coalition states that they are a non-profit political organization that seeks to elect qualified Democrats to public office, increase minority voter turnout, and make sure that minorities are educated and informed about the political process and candidates, so they can be well prepared on election day.

The Alabama Voter’s Coalition stated goal over the next 34 days is to educate the voter’s with our “Let’s Do It” campaign, which encourages voter’s to get registered, get involved and vote.

Chairman Johnson said, “We cannot make change that we all can believe in if we do not vote.”

As the Alabama Democratic Party has grown more liberal, on both economic and social issues, it has grown increasingly smaller. The last time a Democrat won a statewide race in Alabama was 2008 (Lucy Baxley for PSC President and Sue Bell Cobb for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court). The Republican Party has held six of Alabama’s Seven Congressional seats since 2010. The Alabama Voter’s Coalition hopes that that pattern changes in 2014.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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