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Voter Coalitions Say Dems Have Good Chance at Win

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Recently, the Alabama Voters Coalition, which is typically Democratic Party aligned, announced in a statement that they think Democrats can win and win big in the November 4 general election.

The groups said in a statement, “The upcoming elections smells like trouble for the GOP in Alabama, like the Democrats four years ago.”  The AVG announced that Democrats in Alabama have a, “Good chance of winning and winning big.”

The group acknowledged that, “Many political pundits and pollster believe that Democrats will have a hard time returning to power.”  While most of the so-called political experts believe that Republicans maintaining control of the state for the next four years is almost a certainty, AVG said that the recent news of out Montgomery and the arrest of House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R from Auburn) has sent out a message that Republicans may not be the best choice for voters this fall.

The Alabama Voter’s Coalition believes that voters are ready for something new and different, and leaders that will lead on the issues and not the party.

The AVG claims that they think that Democrats have a “great chance” of picking up the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in Alabama.  The Alabama Voter’s Coalition said that it believes these races are much closer than what it appears to be through the polling, and said that many will be surprised on election night.

The AVG said that minority voters in Alabama have a chance to have a historic ballot this fall.  The Alabama Democratic Party ballot includes several African Americans running for statewide and congressional offices including: Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, 1st Congressional District, 3rd Congressional District and the 7th Congressional District (incumbent Congresswoman Terri Sewell has no Republican opponent and is virtually assured of re-election.  The AVG said that African Americans are excited and fired up for their choice on Election Day.

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AVG Chairman Gary Johnson said, “Republicans have not campaigned on the issues of this State; instead they have campaigned on Washington. It’s not Washington that’s on Alabama ballot on November 4th, its Alabama candidates and Alabama issues. The people want to hear solutions and how to fix Alabama problems, such as increasing minimum wages, jobs, removing taxes on food and pharmacy, Medicaid expansion, a education lottery for our kids, improving Education and building Alabama roads and bridges.”

The Alabama Voter’s Coalition believes that Democrats will pick up seats in the Alabama House and Senate, possibly enough to end the Republican majority.  The groups said that voters across the State are fed up and fired up about this election and want their issues resolved; not more political rhetoric and corruption.

Chairman Johnson said, “No Republican candidate on the ballot this fall represents the middle class, working class, and the poor of Alabama. They have proven themselves to be for the wealthy and big corporations.”  Johnson said that the voters are fed up and are ready for bold leadership on the issues facing Alabama families and their pocket books.

Chairman Johnson said, “On November 4th, I believe that voter will send that message at the ballot box.”

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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