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Ward and McClendon Presented Annual Leadership Award

Staff Report
Alabama Political Reporter

GULF SHORES—State Senator Cam Ward and Representative Jim McClendon were presented with the 2014 Leadership Award by the Alabama Association of Regional Councils (AARC) today in Gulf Shores.

Suzanne Burnette, the President of the association, cited Senator Ward’s work in establishing tough new laws that punish those who take advantage of senior citizens in our state. “Senator Ward has led the way in making sure we have laws on our books that provide our senior citizens the utmost protection from those who try to prey upon them,” said Burnette. “I am honored to be presented this annual award from such a successful grassroots organization. Over the years AARC has been a leader in economic development and advocate for senior citizens in our state,” said Senator Ward.

Representative McClendon was honored by Burnette for his efforts to reform Medicaid and improve health care opportunities for citizens in rural Alabama. Burnette said, “Representative McClendon has been a tireless advocate for improving health care for the citizens of this state and is a true friend to AARC.”

The Alabama Association of Regional Councils is a public non- profit organization that represents all municipalities and counties in the State of Alabama through the membership of the individual regional councils.

The mission of the AARC is “to expand and strengthen the capabilities of Regional Councils to serve local governments and the citizens of Alabama.” The AARC promotes this mission through a number of activities.

Once a year, the directors of the regional councils meet in a workshop forum to identify issues affecting all of the regions and to formulate objectives that enhance and promote economic, community and social improvements for the citizens in their regions, and collectively, for the citizens of the State of Alabama.

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Under the umbrella of the AARC, the regional councils are also able to undertake and coordinate statewide planning and economic development initiatives that are of statewide consequence.

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