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Growing Criticism of Bentley’s Conduct


By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday, September 1, State Representative Allen Farley (R-McCalla) formally filed papers with the Alabama Attorney General’s office to open an investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing by Governor Robert Bentley.

Rep. Farley told Fox 6’s Alan Collins, “There is no private matters in public life. If our chief executive officer has been improperly utilizing some of the funds in our coffers, then I think that needs to be brought out and investigated and the appropriate measures taken.”

Farley said that he did not know whether state funds have been misused or not but did say that state troopers’ overtime, the use of state vehicles, and the use of state plane are issues to be investigated.

Farley is a retired Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy and a veteran investigator.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler asked on Facebook, “Was Governor’s affair at taxpayer cost? The facts are starting to come out. Goat Hill (your state capitol) was like a soap opera today. Only, it is quickly becoming a documentary…The public has a right to know…Taxpayer resources and legal considerations may be involved.”

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Alabama Legislative Watchdogs Director Ann Eubank told the Alabama Political Reporter, “Governor Bentley’s irrational behavior since his reelection has caused great concern to the citizens of Alabama. He has acted like a Democrat with his demand for tax increases, appointing a former Democrat Speaker of the House as his Chief of Staff, complaining about ‘too many Republicans,’ the Confederate flag flap, and his lack of interest in ridding our education system of Common Core. Now his wife of 50 years has filed for divorce after rumors of an affair with one of his advisors.”

One State Republican Executive Member said on Facebook, “Governor Bentley needs to resign from office. The state doesn’t need a Governor that’s pre-occupied with something like this going on with the budget crisis the state is currently facing. The Republican Party supposedly stands for higher values and morals than this. With all the indictments, DUI’s, and alleged affairs it makes the party look like a bunch of hypocrites. It’s a disgrace to the State of Alabama.”

On Friday, Alabama first lady, Dianne Bentley filed for divorce from Gov. Bentley after 50 years of marriage, saying that their marriage has suffered an “irretrievable breakdown.”  Gov. Bentley reportedly left his wife, Dianne, in January.  The Governor has been living in a home on the edge of Montgomery; while the First Lady has been living alone in the couple’s home in Tuscaloosa.

For months, the Montgomery gossip world has been abuzz with rumors that the Governor and a married senior aide, decades younger than he, were involved in an affair. On Monday shock radio pundits were on the air repeating those oft repeated off the record rumors which are now being reported by more than one blogger.

The Alabama Political Reporter has not actually seen a sex tape or spoke to anyone who claims that one exists and to this point we have no knowledge of anybody who has staked out the Governor’s Montgomery residence to see who comes in and out of there in the mornings.  None of the parties: Gov.  Bentley, the alleged other woman, her husband and Mrs. Bentley have made any statement to the Alabama Political Reporter about any marital misconduct.

Mrs. Bentley mentioned nothing about any affair in her filings, instead her attorney wrote that her client says “there is such a complete incompatibility of temperament that the parties can no longer live together.”  The complaint says that there exists a conflict of personalities between the Bentleys.

ALW Director Eubank said: “If the rumors are true, then once again a Republican leader of our State has disappointed us after promising that ‘if we elect Republicans all will be great in the State of Alabama.'”

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The Bentleys have four adult sons.

On Monday Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Elizabeth C. Hamner sealed the record.

Mrs. Bentley has asked for equitable division of personal property, sole title of the property that they own as well as alimony.

If Governor Bentley did resign then Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey (R) would fill the remainder of Gov. Bentley’s term.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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