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Jeana Ross wins HD27 in decisive GOP victory

Jeana Ross has clinched the House District 27 seat, rolling over Arab City Councilman Alan Miller.

Former Secretary Jeana Ross
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Jeana Ross has clinched the House District 27 seat, rolling over Arab City Councilman Alan Miller in the concluding sprint of a fiercely contested Republican primary election runoff. The unofficial tallies cast Ross as the undeniable victor with a commanding 53 percent of the vote—1,611 out of 3,022 votes squarely in her corner. Without a Democratic challenger, this primary win hands Ross the seat with no further ado.

Throughout the electoral fray, Ross emerged as the dominant force, securing the top spot in the initial April 2 primary against Miller and four others who fell short of her momentum.

In a display of partisan unity, Alabama GOP Chair John Wahl lavished praise on Ross, framing her as a bulwark against the perceived encroachments of a socialist agenda. Wahl’s commendation painted Ross as a die-hard champion of conservative values—parental rights, child protection, economic growth, and fiscal prudence. According to Wahl, Ross is not just taking a seat in the legislature; she’s gearing up for battle to safeguard the rights and liberties of her constituents against progressive tides.

Ross’s credentials include a tenure as Secretary of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, where she spearheaded significant expansions of the state’s voluntary First Class Pre-K program, further anchoring her conservative credentials.

The vacancy in HD27 arose following State Sen. Wes Kitchens’ departure to fill the SD9 seat left by Clay Scofield’s retirement, setting the stage for Ross’s entry into the legislative arena.

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