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Gerritson Expected to Challenge Roby


By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Thursday, October 1, Wetumpka Tea Party co-founder and President Becky Gerritson is expected to announce that she will challenge incumbent Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) in the coming GOP Primary on March 1.

Gerritson will make her announcement at 9:30 am in Gold Star Park, in downtown Wetumpka.

Gerritson said in a statement, “Over the years, many of us have expressed our frustration over our nation’s woes and the incompetence of our political ‘leaders.’  As patriots who love this country, it has been agonizing for us to see our Founders’ vision trampled on by our radical president and our do-nothing Congress.  That is why I’ve decided that it is time that I step forward to play a more direct role in getting on nation back on track.”

Gerritson continued, “It is time that we, the grassroots voters of Alabama, let our voices be heard. Together, we can elect a leader that will fight to reduce the size and scope of government, promote liberty, protect life, and uphold the Constitution. Together, we can give the Second District the representation it deserves!”

Gerritson told supporters, “I want you to be among the first to know about my plans for serving our district, and that is why I am inviting you to a special announcement at Gold Star Park in Wetumpka at 9:30am this Thursday, October 1st. It is fitting that this event is held at the place where it all started for us. Just a few years ago, my daughter and I walked the streets of Wetumpka letting fellow patriots know of our very first Tea Party rally at the park. The journey that began there has led us on a wild ride, forged many strong relationships, and opened doors I never thought possible.  Now, I am so blessed to be able to share this next step with you!”

Gerritson said, “Eric and I have spent hours in prayer to reach this decision. While taking this step was never part of my plans, I have been blessed that the Lord’s will has been made abundantly clear. I move forward with peace, with enthusiasm, and a humble sense of duty.  I sincerely hope to see you on Thursday, and I hope to have your support as I seek to fight for you and your family.”

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Gerritson said that she will also be doing events in Prattville and Montgomery as well as other locations throughout the district Thursday through Saturday.

Gerritson gained national attention when she and her group were targeted by rogue IRS official Lois Leaner and her team.

Most political insiders believe that Gerritson will challenge Congresswoman Martha Roby as being too moderate for the Second District.

The American Conservative Union (ACU) ranks members of Congress on their voting records and has been ranking the members since 1971.  The ACU gave Alabama Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions awards for their high ratings. Representatives Bradley Byrne and Mo Brooks received the highest scores in the Alabama House delegation.

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp said, “For 44 years, our ACU Ratings have been considered the gold standard in determining a Member of Congress’ courage to stand up to big government liberals and to stand strongly in favor of policy positions important to conservatives. Our award-winning Senators and Congressmen are fighting to protect the rights and freedom of all Americans by honoring President Reagan’s three-legged stool of economic, national security, and cultural conservative issues.”

In 2014 Senator Jeff Sessions received a 96 rating.  Sen. Shelby received an 88, Congressman Byrne received an 88, Rep. Mo Brooks received a 84, Rep. Mike Rogers received an 84, Rep. Spencer Bachus (who retired in December) received a 72, Rep. Robert Aderholt was awarded a 61, Rep. Martha Roby received a 56, and Rep. Terri Sewell (the lone Democrat in the Alabama Congressional delegation) received an 8.  Rep. Roby had the lowest score of any Alabama Republican member.

Unseating Rep. Roby in a GOP Primary, however, will be very difficult.  In 2014 all the Alabama incumbents won all their races and won them handily.  Roby is popular in DC with many in the leadership and in theory that could translate into national dollars flowing into the Second District to ward off the challenge from the Right.  Roby serves with conservative Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) on the Select Committee on Benghazi and has been staunchly pro-Life and a frequent guest on Fox News.  Gowdy and Roby recently held a joint event in the district.  Roby has been mentioned as a possible 2018 candidate for Governor as well as a possible future US Senator.

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Congresswoman Roby is only serving in her third term representing Alabama’s Second Congressional District. The attorney, mother of two, and former Montgomery City Councilwoman unseated Democratic incumbent Bobby Bright in 2010.

The March 1 Primary is expected to be high turnout buoyed by Presidential candidates vying for the State’s support.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



None of these accomplishments occurred because of simple luck, coincidence, or the stars happened to align in a precise path.  

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