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Crumpton Says that Nana Has Electability Problems

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

ron-crumptonOn Friday, November 6 Ron Crumpton, 47, qualified to run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Richard Shelby (R); but first Crumpton must win the Democratic Primary against Charles Nana.  In a statement on Friday, Crumpton said that Nana, a Black immigrant from Cameroon, has electability problems in this state.

Crumpton wrote, “Today, I qualified with the Alabama Democratic Party and will appear on their primary ballot on March 1, 2016.  We have been on the campaign trail for months, and it looked like we were going to be able to avoid a primary, but, yesterday, Charles Nana qualified and will be my opponent on March 1st.”

Crumpton continued, “I will admit that any Democrat running for office in Alabama is facing an uphill climb, and I have nothing but respect for anyone who is willing to stand up and represent Democratic ideals. However, Mr. Nana has some serious problems with his electability in this state, and I think that Democrats have to ask themselves, “Which candidate stands the best chance of beating the Republican Nominee in November?””

Crumpton said, “While I could take the easy path and attack Mr. Nana on the issues that affect his electability, I will not be doing that. It is not my style and it is not the campaign that I want run.  Instead, I will show the Democrats in Alabama that I am the best chance we have to beat the Republican nominee, by running against the four Republicans seeking that nomination and by advocating for my plans to solve our nation’s problems.”

Crumpton wrote that his, “lan for the economy will repair, replace and expand our schools, roads bridges and airports, lift millions out of poverty, reduce costs to the justice system, end too big to fail, end tax-breaks for sending jobs overseas, make college more affordable, rebuild our social safety net, create 2.1 million jobs and provide an average tax break of $300 to more than 78 million American families.”  “My plan for social justice would strengthen our constitutional rights that have been watered-down by bad law and erroneous court decisions.”

Crumpton said, “It is time for new leadership, new direction, and new results in Washington and that is why I am running for United States Senate.”

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Charles Nana promises to be a 21st century Senator who will work with open minded Alabamians to help the state fully realize its potential.

Senator Richard Shelby,81, has represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate since his election in 1986, but to even get to the General Election he will have to go through four challengers including: former State Senator Shadrach McGill, as well as political newcomers: John Martin, Jonathan McConnell, and Marcus Bowman.

Crumpton lives in Pelham. Ron has seven years of experience as a lobbyist.  He is the Executive Director of the Alabama Patients’ Rights Coalition as well as the Executive Director of the Alabama Safe Access Project.  He was formerly the Executive Director of the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition, and the Legislative Liaison of Alabama Compassionate Care.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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