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Roby Says Obama Still has no Plan to Defeat ISIS

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Monday, November 23, US Representative Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) wrote “That we still lack a long-term strategy to defeat the Islamic State.”  The recent Paris terror attacks have brought a renewed emphasis on dealing with the international terrorist groups, whose army has conquered a territory roughly the size of Indiana.

martha-robyCongresswoman Roby said, “With all the controversy over refugees, what has been underreported is the fact that we still lack a long-term strategy to defeat the Islamic State/ ISIS/ ISIL/ Daesh.  More than a year ago I contributed a piece for Defense One magazine outlining the basic strategy objectives President Obama needed to communicate in fighting the Islamic State/ ISIS/ ISIL/ Daesh. It was in the wake of his “we don’t have a strategy yet” remark and he set to address the American People to offer assurances that we were doing the right things to combat the threat.”

Rep. Roby continued, “What I wrote then rings eerily true still today: ‘The most disappointing aspect of President Obama’s ‘we don’t have a strategy’ comment was how it reinforced a pattern of inconsistent and incoherent foreign policy messages. We draw ‘red lines’ and do nothing when they are crossed. We outsource tough foreign policy decisions to the woefully weak United Nations. We hollow out our military force with drastic cuts that compromise our readiness. We fail to secure our borders or enforce immigration laws. We negotiate with the Taliban and strike deals to release hardened terrorists. These actions project weakness and invite our enemies to test our resolve. The United States must reverse course and demonstrate the kind of strength and resolve that will be respected the world over.’”

Rep. Roby wrote, “We also know from past experience that appeasing groups who seek a cultural, religious or ethnic “cleansing” only emboldens them. ISIL is killing anyone who does not conform to its bastardized, barbaric form of Islam, and they will not stop unless they are ended. It is naïve to believe otherwise.”

A year ago, Roby wrote, “We cannot wait for ISIL to gain even more ground before we act to combat this threat. While limited air strikes in Iraq have slowed progress, it is clear that more must be done. I look to our battle-tested military leaders to craft a strategically-wise course of action, but it is President Obama who must take command.”

Former Florida Governor and current GOP Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush has released a plan to end the ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate.  Former Governor Bush said, “We should declare war and harness all of the power that the United States can bring to bear, both diplomatic and military, of course, to be able to take out ISIS (Islamic extremists). Gov. Bush told NBC on Sunday that he favors: establishing a no-fly zone over Syria, arming Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and embedding US troops as advisors in the much maligned Iraqi armed forces. Bush said that he opposes resettling thousands of Syrian refugees in the US, but thinks that the US should allow Syrian Christians to settle in this country.

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Congresswoman Roby wrote, “Common sense tells us that we cannot risk our security by allowing thousands from Syria to resettle here right now without assurances that our vetting process will keep threats out.”

Congresswoman Martha Roby represents Alabama’s Second Congressional District.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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