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Ted Cruz Visits Alabama

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Saturday, December 19, Texas Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was in Alabama with a visit to Daphne.  On Sunday he made an appearance in Trussville at the city’s civic center.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Trussville) has endorsed Cruz.  Rep. Brooks told the crowd in Trussville, “In Senator Ted Cruz we have a man with a giant intellect and that is important.”  He is a gentleman who understands these policy perspectives.  We also need a person who has the backbone to do the right thing and the backbone to stand up and refuse to do the wrong thing.

Brooks said that we need border security, not just to fight crime and protect against terrorism, but there is also an economic aspect of border security.  The United States gained 5.6 million net jobs from 2000 to 2014.  However Native born Americans have experienced a net loss of 127,000 jobs.  It did not make any difference is you were a Caucasion American, a Hispanic American, an African American, or an Asian American, whether you were a man or a woman you lost ground.

Brooks said that Ted Cruz helped lead the fight in the US Senate against the immigration bill.  “I know that because I was there.”  We need to thank Jeff Sessions.  He has done yeoman’s work on this.

Rep. Brooks said that Cruz voted no on the omnibus.  He stood up to the immense pressure from Washington lobbyists, who represent the elites, the masters of the universe, to vote for the legislation while another presidential candidate was AWOL.

Mrs. Ted Cruz. Heidi Cruz, addressed the crowd next.  She said, “I think Alabama is Cruz country.”  “We have been traveling the whole United States and the whole country is becoming Ted Cruz country.”


Heidi said that she and Ted met 15 years ago on January 2.  They were working on a campaign then and had to spend several weeks working on a project together.  By the end of that time they realized that they needed each other.


Heidi said that, “Ted is incredibly principled.”  There is nothing more important in our lives than the structure of the family.  Ted was raised on the Bible and the Constitution.  His father was a freedom fighter and his mother was one of the first female computer programmers in the country.  “Ted has courage.”  He has fought for the 2nd amendment.  Ted has taken on Obamacare.  Ted has taken on amnesty.  Ted is articulate.  “Ted is the most thoughtful person I know.”  He insists that we have date night every Sunday night.  He loves to play games with our daughters.  He always bring big bouquets of flowers on Valentines Day, for his mother and me.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “God bless the great state of Alabama.”  “Isn’t Heidi going to make an extraordinary First Lady?”  She is my best friend.  Thanks to my friend, Mo Brooks.  Yesterday down in Daphne Sen Jeff Sessions came out.  “The state of Alabama knows how to produce fighters.”  “Mo and I spent a good portion of last week up in Washington D.C., so it is great to be back in America.”

Senator Cruz said, To those who say we can not secure the border “I have three words: Secretary Jeff Sessions.”

Cruz said that he participated in the Debate on Tuesday in Los Vegas.  “We have such a tremendous array of young talented candidates for President, what a contrast with the Democrats?”

Cruz joked that it is almost like the Democrats don’t want anybody to watch their debates.  If you did watch it they had, “a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous to this country and Bernie Sanders.”  “The next Democratic debate will be hosted at Leavenworth to make it easier for Hillary to attend.”

Cruz said, “All of us are here today because America is in crisis.”  We are bankrupting our kids and grandkids, our constitutional rights are under assault every day, the Obama Administration has surrendered American leadership around that world and has made the world a much more dangerous place.  “I am here to tell you, help is on the way.”  I look forward to January 2017.

Sen. Cruz promised that, if he is elected President on the first day he will rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by President Obama.  “The President says he has a pen and a phone.”  “You live by the pen and you die by the pen and my pen has an eraser.”  On the first day I am going to instruct the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violations by that organization.

Cruz said that the Department of Justice should owe no allegiance to any political party.  Their allegiance should be to the Constitution.  I will tell the Department of Justice and the IRS to stop persecuting religious liberty.  The Obama administration is litigating against the Little Sisters of the poor that case will be dismissed.

Sen. Cruz said that he would tear apart the deal with Iran and re-impose sanctions.  Cruz said that Iran will not nuclear weapons while he is President.

Cruz said that as President he would begin the process of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.  Other candidates and Presidents have made the same promise but then when in office their team tells them not to do it because it would make people in the Middle East mad.  They are already mad at us.  That is day one.  There are 365 days in a year.  Four years in a first term and four more years in a second term.

Cruz said that “In the days that follow we will lead Congress to repeal every word of Obamacare.  In the days that follow I will instruct the federal department of Education, which I hope to abolish, to end Common Core.”

Senator Cruz said that as President he will secure the border, end sanctuary cities, and stop releasing criminal aliens.

Cruz said that he wants a simple flat tax so that every American can fill out his or her taxes on a postcard.  Then we should abolish the IRS.  There are about 90,000 employees of the IRS.  “We need to padlock that building and put all 90,000 on our southern border.”

Cruz said that there are a lot of parallels to the 1970s.  Economic growth is down.  The same two nations Russian and Iran were laughing at us; but millions of people came together and became the Reagan revolution.  The same thing is happening all over again.

When I announced my campaign, the ‘New York Times’ said Cruz can not win because the Washington elites despise him.  “I thought that was the whole point of the campaign.”  “If you see a candidate that Washington embraces run and hide.”
Sen. Cruz said that his dad was a freedom fighter in Cuba that ended up beaten in a Cuban jail.  After he got out he moved to America at age 18.  Today my father is a pastor traveling the country preaching the Gospel.  Cruz said that his dad used to tell him that when I faced oppression in Cuba I had a place to go to, but if we lose our freedom here where do we go?

The Alabama Presidential Primary is on March 1, 2016.





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