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Bill Calls for Indicted Leaders Suspension

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—A group of 10 State Representatives have sponsored House Bill 220, which would, “automatically suspend a member of the Legislature who holds a leadership position from serving in that leadership position if the member is indicted for a crime that is a felony.”

The bill clarifies that the legislator would retain their position in the body as a member, but would forfeit any leadership roles. This is similar to the rules of the US House of Representatives, and other legislative bodies.

The bill is sponsored by nine Republicans and one Democrat none are likely to appear on Speaker Mike Hubbard’s Christmas card list. They are Republican Representatives Allen Treadaway, Phil Williams, Allen Farley, Isaac Whorton, Tim Wadsworth, David Standridge, Jim Carns, Dickie Drake, Richie Whorton and Democrat Johnny Mack Morrow.

Before the 2016 Session, Hubbard struck out at some of these men for daring to even mention challenging his leadership in the House. Hubbard demoted or removed from committees, Treadway, Williams, Carns, as well as, Mike Holmes and Ed Henry.

The leadership positions are: President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, chair of any Senate standing committee, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Speaker Pro Tempore, House Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, or chair of any House standing committee.

There is no current Senate sponsor that has been identified. There is little belief that Hubbard would allow the bill to reach committee, much less the House floor.

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The only hope of this bill gaining attention is if a strong Senate leader were to emerge.

Susan Britt
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"Drawing their own lines will be legislators' primary interest."


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