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Standridge Calls for Bentley to Step Down

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Thursday, March 24, state Representative David Standridge (R-Hayden) called on embattled Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) to step down.

Rep. Standridge said in a statement: “I have the honor to represent one of the most conservative areas of our State. In the past two gubernatorial elections my constituents have overwhelmingly supported the governor. As both Blount County Probate Judge/County Commission Chairman and as State Representative, I have had the honor of working with the Governor to benefit my district and my State. However, Governor Bentley has violated the trust placed in him by the people of this great State, myself included.”

The conservative Alabama legislator said, “Last week, it came to light that the Governor gave members of his cabinet exorbitant salary increases which dwarf the yearly take home pay of working Alabama families. Some increases were as much as 81 percent. Yesterday, the public became aware that the governor has engaged in a relationship that has proven harmful to his family and his Christian witness. By his own admission, his actions have been harmful to the people of this state. He has exhibited an error in judgment, and a blatant disregard and lack of respect for the office which he holds and the people he represents.”

Rep. Standridge continued, “The citizens of this state deserve honest and open government led by leaders who have the upmost integrity and respect for their role in a representative democracy. It is disheartening that the people of this State cannot listen to a recorded conversation of their governor without feeling embarrassed by his words. Therefore, with a great burden on my heart for both our State and for those who lead us, today, I call on Robert Bentley to step down from his position as Governor of the State of Alabama. By resigning, Dr. Bentley will allow himself and his family the opportunity to heal away from the public eye. Such a selfless action on the governor’s part will also allow our State to begin the process of healing and to move forward after having lost our faith in his leadership.”

Standridge concluded, “I wish Governor Bentley the best and am praying for God’s peace and healing for him and his family.”

Republican Party Executive Committee Member and former Public Service Commissioner Terry Dunn has been calling for Bentley to resign for most of the last year. Commissioner Dunn told WSFA, “The problem is, the Republican party, which I belong to, needs to stand up and have some backbone, and if we’re going to have Christian values, and good morals, then we need to stand behind that, and demand our elected officials to do that. They’re representing the people of Alabama. It’s really an embarrassment to the people of Alabama. That’s one reason I think he should resign.”

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State Representative Allen Farley (R-McCalla) called on Attorney General Luther Strange to investigate Governor Bentley: “I do not believe today’s press conferences will be the end of this discussion. I have some confidence that the AG will now move forward with the investigation I requested on Sept. 01, 2015. The people of Alabama need their elected Attorney General to find the truth.”

To this point the Governor is refusing to resign. Meanwhile investigations into how Mrs. Mason has gotten paid and whether or not State resources were used improperly have begun.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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