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The Affairs of State

By Jack Campbell
Alabama Political Reporter

I worked for Robert Bentley from April 2009 to November 2009, in the infant stage of his campaign. He fired our firm after eight months to bring in a new team from out of state. I never took it personally and even donated to his campaign. I believed him to be an honorable man who cared for our state. That was then. This is now.

I no longer take pride in being a Republican. The latest scandal with Bentley and his squeeze Rebekah Mason (God forbid the mental picture of those two in the act of intimacy) is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I believe Bentley should resign.

But most of the Republican office holders and some Democrats calling on Bentley to resign are hypocrites. Why? Because they’ve been silent on asking Mike Hubbard to resign, a man with 23 criminal indictments against him. Remember, Bentley has not been charged with a crime, only that he’s a fool and an embarrassment to the state. If you’re going to cry foul on Bentley, you should cry foul on Hubbard.

Be careful what you wish for. The idea that Kay Ivey could become governor is frightening. The state song would become “I’m your Puppet” because she doesn’t have the political heft to do more than lead Alpha Gam cheers from the ’60s and cut ribbons at plant openings (although there hasn’t been many of those lately).

As for the First Mistress (not the word I’d REALLY like to use), she and her husband have no self-respect. Is the money Bentley pays her (and him) really more important than their pride? By continuing to associate with a man who’s proven he is another sleazy politician, both have proven they are just as sleazy.

The true winner in all of this is Spencer Collier, who refused to be bullied by his boss. Spencer stood tall and said no to Bentley’s attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the Mike Hubbard corruption case. Bentley has proven once again there’s honor among thieves.

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Perhaps it’s time to consider a third Party comprised of disillusioned Republicans and Democrats who are tired of the lies, deceit and corruption in both Parties.


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