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Alvin Holmes Comes to the Defense of Governor Bentley

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday, April 26, impeachment and how the impeachment process works was heavily debated by the Alabama House of Representatives. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and his conduct with alleged mistress, Mrs. Rebekah Caldwell Mason, has entirely overshadowed everything else in the political world in Alabama for the last weeks of this Legislative Session. That spectacle took a turn for the truly bizarre when State Representative Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) claimed to have a list of 12 legislators who have engaged in extramarital affairs. A list he would make public if the legislature moved to impeach Gov. Bentley.

alvin_homesRep. Holmes said on the floor of the House, “I have been up here many many years and I know what every person has done and what they have not done. Now there is no law against having a girlfriend. Ain’t no law against having a girlfriend. And you bring an impeachment resolution concerning Governor Bentley? I am going to have an amendment and I am going to add 12 members of the Legislature names to it. For allegedly have done the same thing or things that are worse….and they Democrats and Republicans. Yea. Now I don’t like Bentley. Cause he ain’t for one Black down there. That the reason I don’t like him because I think he is a racist. But this thing concerning impeachment because he had a girlfriend there is nowhere in the United States or in any state constitution where you ought to out the state impeachment clause because somebody got a girl friend. Now if he had stole some money or misused some funds and I am watching that real close. That is the attorney general. You find anything concerning where he misused state funds or anything like that then I want to know that, but by him having a girlfriend, whatever her name is? Whats her name Bekka? Yea, that’s her name.”

Holmes said, I am not going to vote for any impeachment resolution unless everybody is added to it. Everybody is going to be added to it. And I mean y’all spending all this time worrying about whether Governor Bentley had a girlfriend or not. Number one it ain’t your business. If he didn’t use state funds, abuse state funds or property and things of that sort that is one thing. If he had a girlfriend that is none of your business.”

Holmes has drawn national media coverage in the past for his comments about men getting married to mules during the gay marriage debate and for his comments about Whites not wanting to adopt Black babies during an abortion debate.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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