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Impeach Hillary Clinton? Good luck

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Bradley Byrne is going to impeach Hillary Clinton.

No, for real.

Byrne, who has been, up until now, one of Alabama’s least embarrassing Republican congressmen, told an angry group of veterans on Tuesday night in Mobile that his office is already exploring ways to impeach her should she win next month’s election, according to

And why would Byrne do this?

Because of the email scandal and suspicious donations to the Clinton Foundation, he told the veterans.

That would be the same email scandal that was the subject of a lengthy FBI investigation. And the same Clinton Foundation that has been under a microscope for months, with only innuendo and vague allegations to show for it.

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Yeah, good luck with that impeachment process.

But what Byrne is doing is not new, nor is it particularly crafty or cunning. He’s simply pushing a lie, using it to his advantage to offset his failures and keep himself employed.

Byrne has no more information on potential corruption at the Clinton Foundation than you or I, and it remains extremely likely that the Foundation has operated above board and helped millions of people.

Actually, not only is it likely, in this guilty-until-proven-innocent country, that’s how we’re supposed to view the Clinton Foundation.

But that hasn’t stopped Byrne from casting doubt on the entire thing by promising to explore impeaching the likely president.

Without any real evidence. And without a care in the world for the damage such allegations might do to the good people who work for the Foundation or the poor people that Foundation helps.

It might surprise a number of you of to learn that nearly 90 percent of the money donated to the Clinton Foundation goes into its charity programs. It might also surprise you to learn that Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton do not earn a salary from the Foundation and have received no compensation for their work for it.

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The Foundation has greatly improved access to AIDS medication in several third-world countries, along with a variety of other endeavors around the world. Like it or not, there is actual evidence of these things taking place.

Where the evidence is lacking – along with the common sense – is in the allegations that donors to the Clinton Foundation received special access to Clinton’s State Department. You can get to Kevin Bacon faster than you can connect the degrees of separation in most of these allegations.

Not to mention, if the Clintons aren’t receiving money from the Foundation’s donations – and since we’ve seen both the Foundation’s tax forms and Hillary Clinton’s tax returns (unlike someone I know), we know this is true – then how does it make sense that any of these people are paying the Clintons for access?

Look, I get it. You all hate Hillary Clinton. She represents everything the Republican Party despises: she’s a smart, take-no-crap woman who has spent a lifetime rooting out discrimination at every level and trying to implement programs that aid the poor.

She beat the GOP on every one of their idiotic “scandals,” from Whitewater to Benghazi to this server nonsense. And she laughed at their ignorance and their frustrations in being unable to take down a woman.

And even now, when the GOP seemingly has everything lined up – the years of phony scandals have damaged Clinton’s public perception, Wikileaks is exposing the shady inner-workings of a major campaign and staged investigations were delayed to inflict the most damage – the party’s voters succumbed to years of being fed racist lies and nominated an overgrown child-bigot. And clutched defeat from the jaws of victory.

So, really, good luck with your impeachment, Rep. Byrne.

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Ask Ken Starr, Trey Gowdy and James Comey how those things usually turn out.


Josh Moon is an investigative reporter and featured columnist at the Alabama Political Reporter with years of political reporting experience in Alabama. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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