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Alabama’s Major Party Chairs Comment After 2016 Election

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Alabama Republican Party Chairperson Terry Lathan was exuberant after the last of the results came in from Tuesday’s election, which saw Donald J. Trump pull off a major upset in defeating Democratic Nominee and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The Alabama Republican Party is thrilled with the results of this year’s election,” Lathan stated. “We look forward to having a Republican president return to the highest office in the land… President Trump will make our nation stronger with his commitment to upholding the Constitution and protecting Americans through conservative policies. We know he will hold true to his campaign promise and put America First. Next to his Inauguration Day, we anxiously await President Trump’s Supreme Court appointments.”

Alabama Democrats issued their own tactful statement. “Although more Democrats than Republicans voted nationwide yesterday for the Democratic Party’s stellar nominees for President and Vice President, the outcome was an Electoral College victory for the Republican nominees,” state Democratic Party Chairperson Nancy Worley. “We congratulate the winners and offer our support as they attempt to unify our divided country.”

Lathan said, “We are proud of the prominent role that Alabama has played in this election with United States Senator Jeff Sessions helping to lead Mr. Trump’s team. The Alabama Republican Party sponsored more than 100 volunteers that spent over a week in Ohio and Florida. Our team knocked on thousands of doors to help secure the wins in these states.”

Chairwoman Worley said, “The Party also congratulates all our State and local candidates who were on the ballot yesterday. Regardless of the outcome, each candidate demonstrated undaunted courage and a strong commitment to service by qualifying to run for office and campaigning throughout the election season. We appreciate all of our Democratic volunteers who were an integral part of each campaign.”

ALGOP Chair Lathan said, “Along with President-elect Trump, the American people made their choice clear and voted to keep a Republican majority in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. The people rejected the skewed national media message and chose a conservative path. It is a new day in our nation, one filled with hope of what is to come. While we have a copious amount of work to do to repair the last eight years of damaging liberal policies, I am confident that Donald Trump will rebuild and strengthen our nation.”

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Worley said, “Most of us agree that our country and our state are divided, but we must all unify as a state and nation to guarantee that our children receive a world-class education in well-funded public schools. We must support our working men and women with job training and employment opportunities, higher pay, and affordable health care. We must protect our senior citizens’ retirement and Social Security, as we expand their options for long-term independent living.”

A triumphant Lathan said, “In Alabama, we are proud of the results of numerous Republican races in our state. We added multiple victories in our counties by defeating Democrat incumbents and Independents. We congratulate all of our candidates who volunteered to serve by running for office. We also encourage the citizens of our state to stay engaged with their elected officials to hold them accountable throughout their decision making processes.”

Worley said, “The Alabama Democratic Party will never stop fighting for the interests of the people of our great state.”

2016 marks the fourth straight election in which the Alabama Republican Party won every statewide office on the ballot.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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