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Time to Drain the Alabama Swamps

By Hannah Ford
Alabama Political Reporter

It’s been a bizarre election cycle—replete with false headlines, vitriolic attacks, conspiracy theories, illogical sound-bites, deleted emails, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and gross immorality. “The Deplorables” deserve a victory party and if you’re with Her, you can shed a few tears.

We’re all reeling from an astonishing political upset. Donald Trump defied odds— all of them.

The Orange Tornado spiraling into Washington D.C. this January is the loud message of a people fed up—fed up with the Clinton dynasty, the Leftist machine, the liberal media, the Republican Establishment, elitist corruption, and political correctness run amok. Tuesday night’s results were a slap in the face to it all; they were a shameful result of a compromised “Moral Majority” too.

But, good morning, America! It’s a new day and the enduring (and very American) idea that the success or failure of the next four years depends more on you than it does on the president-elect should bring reality to your smiles and hope to your tears.

We are a nation under God, of laws and of individuals. The success or failure of our country is not so concentrated on one person that we should give ourselves to extreme rejoicing or hysteric despair; neither should we deceive ourselves that civic duty consists exclusively of one vote every four years. No matter who occupies the Oval Office, a President can do little without the aid of Congress, the courts, state and local leaders, and yes, individuals like you and me.

Our country was built by ordinary people and maintained by hard-working families who weren’t afraid to sacrifice their sweat, their blood, and their tears to secure great advancements. The greatest movements of our nation’s history didn’t start in Washington D.C. but in homes, in meeting rooms, in the churches, and at the bus-stops. Ronald Reagan said it well, “all great change in America begins at the dinner table.” At the dinner table—and in our hearts.

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Our first president, George Washington called “religion and morality” the “essential pillars of civil society.” Ben Franklin said that “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” Proverbs says that, “righteousness exalts a nation.” It was on this essential pillar of morality and righteousness that both candidates failed the basic test and we all know it. Both were known for changing their minds, lying about the smallest and biggest of matters, lifelong penchants for ill-gotten power and money, and histories of offensive language and sexual immorality. One Party was terrified of him; one Party was terrified of her. Some forgot to mourn that with both candidates, the moral integrity and honor of our nation was compromised and some will forget that the time to get our knees, roll up our sleeves, and make America great again is at the start of each new day!

The man headed for the Oval Office reflects our national sentiments but, he alone cannot and will not define the direction of the next four years. That’s up to God – and us.

With Donald Trump, Conservatives have been given a needed foothold in the slide down the slippery slope and all of us have gained momentum in the fight against elitist politicians. It’s incumbent upon us, not to bury our faces back in the sand – with hope in Trump and his Wall (or with despair over the same) – but, to add personal virtue to the talents we’ve been given and multiply them for the good of this nation.

It’s time to move past this nasty election cycle together (we’re Stronger that way), allow God to search each of our hearts, pray for our leaders, stand on principle to Make America Great Again, and turn our sights back on the local swamps of corruption. They need draining too.

Well, actually, they need rain.


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