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Alabama’s Republican Leaders React to Trump Victory

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, shocked the political world with a crushing electoral college win. Trump won all of the states that Mitt Romney won as well as some states that had not supported a Republican since 1988 and 1984. A number of voices commented on the surprising election results.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) said in a statement, “Congratulations to President-elect Trump, the next President of the United States, on his election to our nation’s highest office. The majority of the people of Alabama supported Mr. Trump with their vote and by doing so have placed their humble trust in him to lead our country. While we as Americans certainly disagree on various policies, we must all agree that our country has suffered under the weight of a divisive and contentious campaign season. Mr. Trump will soon be the leader of all of our country, and every citizen, and I look forward to supporting his leadership. Americans have also elected a record number of Republican Governors to lead our states. I will be joining my colleagues in working with the Trump Administration to create a strong economy, great jobs and abundant opportunities for every American.”

US Senator Richard Shelby (R from Alabama) said in a statement, “Last night the American people roundly rejected the failed Obama-Clinton policies that aren’t working for our country. We now have the opportunity to come together to champion conservative causes and reverse the damage that has been done from big government policies like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. I look forward to working with President-elect Trump and my conservative colleagues in Congress on common sense solutions that will ensure a brighter future for all Americans.”

US Representative Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) said on social media, “Republicans are ready to lead. I look forward to working with President Donald Trump to advance conservative reforms like repealing and replacing Obamacare, securing our border, rebuilding our military, and cutting back on government regulations. The next two years we will focus on getting the government out of the way and empowering the American worker. Most important at this point, we need to unify as a country. We can start doing that by praying for our country and all of our leaders, including Donald Trump.”

State Representative Phil Williams (R-Huntsville) said on social media, “I am very happy about the election results! Locally some great folks were reelected which is great news. Congrats President Elect Trump, the best qualified to lead America through difficult times that are ahead! We need job opportunities and we need health insurance options and we need to believe we can be great again! I hope we all promote peace in our community and be ready for the work that lies ahead! One person alone however, even a President, can not right the ship, but one person can shine the light on our real problems and pull us together as we find solutions. Debt, national security, liberty to live our lives, fairer taxes hopefully will now take center stage! USA!!”

State Senator Paul Bussman (R-Cullman) said, “Sitting in my office this morning, after a very late night, reflecting on the election and several things came to mind. The people spoke last night very loudly. It is very clear that the people of this great nation took this country back. The people took the constitution back. The people took back the Supreme Court. And the people sent a very clear message to the establishment in the political system as well as to every elected official. The people are tired of gridlock. The people are tired of being run over by their government. The people are tired of corruption in their government. The people expect their elected officials to address the many critical problems that face this country. Ignore the people at your own political risk! 
I personally believe that America is God’s beacon of hope in this crazy world. Let us all recommit to a country that has God as the cornerstone. May the world see God in each of us and in America! And I pray that God will bless America!”

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State Representative Tim Wadsworth (R-Arley) said, “With Donald Trump being elected to be the 45th President of the United States. Senator Jeff Sessions could be part of the White House. If that happens, then there would be a Senator appointed. Who appoints? Governor Bentley can appoint make an interim appointment of someone to serve as Senator. There would be an election . Interesting decisions to be made in the future by all parties. I appreciate Senator Sessions’ work and vision.”

Almost all of the pollsters had predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) would easily defeat Trump. In some of the states that Trump won the pollsters had Hillary up by four points with likely voters.

State Representative Mack Butler (R-Raibow City) said on social media, “Does anyone have any odd jobs they need done? I have a feeling many pollsters are looking for jobs ASAP. The so called experts were all wrong or either very corrupt in trying to sway the vote.”

On Thursday, President-elect Donald J. Trump (R) met with incumbent President Barack H. Obama (D) in the Whitehouse about the peaceful transition of power.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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