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Reports claim that Bentley may bring Mrs. Mason back to State government

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Thursday, November 17, 2016, a source has told the Alabama Political Reporter that embattled Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has discussed bringing former top political advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason back to Alabama State Government. The agency that hires Mrs. Mason would then loan her back to the Bentley Administration.

Apparently, APR is not the only news source who has heard similar reports.

WSFA reporter Michael Doudna asked the Governor, “Governor, after a lot of the stuff centering around your impeachment has died down, would you ever consider rehiring your former staff member, Rebekah Mason?”

The Governor asked the reporter, “Can I ask you why you would ask that?”

Doudna said that a source had told him that Mason may be back or soon be rehired to work with the governor’s office, (the exact same report that APR had been given) an angry Bentley became unhinged.

Bentley “Well, you know what? I really think that unless you have a legitimate reason to ask that, and what you’re actually meaning by that, what do you mean? Why can I not hire who I want to hire in my office?”

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Dounda responded, “I think the people would be very interested in knowing about that.”

Gov. Bentley asked, “Well would you be interested or would the people really be interested?”

Doudna replied, “I believe the people would be as well.”

Bentley said, “Well, I don’t really think that the people really care as long as I’m helping them.”

Bentley has been accused of having an affair with senior political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. After a tape of the couple in an intimate conversation became public, Bentley admitted that he has had an “inappropriate relationship” with Mrs. Mason but denies a physical affair. Mrs. Bentley divorced the Governor last year over that relationship.

Bentley has also been accused of misusing state resources to cover up the affair and of funneling campaign dollars to Mrs. Mason. Bentley denies all of those accusations. After the relationship became public Mason resigned her well compensated position with the Governor’s Council for Excellent Government (ACEGOV). Bentley originally brought the Masons with him from Tuscaloosa when he was elected.

The Attorney General’s office has called a special investigative grand jury and the U.S. Government has appointed a special prosecutor to look into the Bentley scandal. The Alabama Ethics Commission is also investigating the Governor. To this point nobody has been indicted for anything.

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23 legislators have signed a letter calling for impeachment of the embattled Governor. The House investigation was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. We expected to be having hearings into Bentley’s conduct by now; but the impeachment investigation has been halted at the request of Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (R).

The Administration is denying that Mrs. Mason has any role with the administration. Whether she is working for another state agency, ACEGOV, or the campaign in some capacity remains unanswered.

Last year Mrs. Mason was Bentley’s date to meet with President and Mrs. Barack Obama at the Whitehouse as part of the American Governor’s Association’s meetings. Bentley’s alleged “Luv Guv” adventures have drawn national attention in the press.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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