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Lathan re-elected as ALGOP Chairman

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Saturday, February 25, 2017, the Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee met at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover and re-elected Chairman Terry Lathan.

Chairman Lathan was elected without opposition as was the rest of the leadership team.

The Chairman said in a statement, “I am deeply humbled to have earned my team’s trust for another term as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. Our focus will be to protect our successes and add to them. Clearly, conservative values and principles resonate with Alabama voters. The Republican Party will continue to champion our platform.”

The State party is much more unified after former ALGOP Chairman Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn) was convicted. The Executive Committee members had previously been drawn into a pro-Hubbard and anti-Hubbard camps each of which supported different candidates for Chairman. With that issue finally resolved the Party is more unified that it has been in decades.

During Chairman Lathan’s first term, the Alabama Republican Party won 70 percent of their 2016 General Election races, flipped numerous counties to Republican control, had record breaking primary and General Election turnout as well as historic numbers of elected GOP officials in our State’s history.

The Alabama Republican Party 2017 – 2019 Steering Committee:


Terry Lathan, Chairman
Sam Givhan, Senior Vice Chairman
David Wheeler, Treasurer
Elaine Ridenour, Secretary
Phil Webb, Finance Chairman
Bert Jordan, Legal Counsel
Vicki Drummond, National Committeewoman
Paul Reynolds, National Committeeman
Bill Harris, Vice Chair, Districts 1,2
Pat Wilson, Vice Chair, Districts 3,6,7
Andrew Sorrell, Vice Chair, Districts 4,5
Les Barnett, District 1 Chair
Sue Neuwien, District 2 Chair
Joseph Fuller, District 3 Chair
David Hall, District 4 Chair
Elbert Peters, District 5 Chair
Chris Brown, District 6 Chair
Pierce Boyd, District 7 Chair
Frances Taylor, President, Alabama


Federation of Republican Women

Phillip Brown, Chairman, Alabama Minority GOP
Jackie Curtiss, Chairman, Young Republican Federation of Alabama
Nathaniel White, Chairman, College Republican Federation of Alabama

Chairman Lathan said on Facebook, “Off to DC for very humbling opportunities at the joint session of Congress Tues night to hear Pres Trump address the nation as well as a visit to the Executive Branch. Thank you Rep. Roby for the kind invitation to the joint session. Still trying to wrap my head around this.”

Lathan was elected Chairman after Bill Armistead stepped down. Armistead defeated former State Representative Jay Love after Mike Hubbard stepped down to be Speaker of the House.

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