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Marshall says that Alabama will not be a Sanctuary State on his watch

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Friday, June 30, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) said in a letter to Alabama Republicans that, “For as long as I‘m Attorney General Alabama will not be a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants.”

AG Marshall promises voters that, “We will crack down on illegal immigrants. I will work with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Federal Law Enforcement officials as they revive the enforcement of immigration laws across the country, including in Alabama.”

Marshall writes, “When I took the job as Alabama’s new Attorney General, I knew the crisis of leadership we were facing in our State means that I would have to work even harder to prove myself worthy and capable of this office.”

Marshal promises to make Alabama communities and schools safer.  Marshall says that tough Legislation and enforcement has gotten rid of the methamphetamine labs in our state; but that now we need to do the same thing with opioids and heroin.

Marshall also promises that, “We will continue to clean up the mess in Montgomery.  The Attorney General’s office must set the example for trustworthy leadership and enforce the laws of this State no matter who breaks them.  Public employees and elected officials who break the sacred trust of public service in violation of our ethics laws must be held accountable.”

Marshall also promises to stand with victims. “I want victims of crime who feel beaten down, forgotten, discouraged, and even hopeless to know that they have gotten a friend in the Attorney General’s office.”

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Marshall wrote that, “Alabama’s Attorney General needs to reflect the leadership of my predecessors, like Jeff Sessions and Bill Pryor.  Their commitment to justice and the law, fighting crime, and ensuring accountability in government serves as an example of the kind of Attorney General I want to be for you.”

Steve Marshall was the District Attorney in Marshall County for 16 years.  He was appointed Attorney General by then Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) after Gov. Bentley appointed AG Luther Strange to the US Senate.  After becoming Attorney General, Marshall learned that there was an ongoing investigation into possible misconduct by Bentley.  Marshall recused himself and appointed Montgomery District Attorney Ellen Brooks as special prosecutor in the Bentley matter.  In April Bentley pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor ethics and campaign finance law violations and resigned as Governor.

Former US Attorney Alice Martin and Donald Trump’s Alabama Campaign manager Chess Bedsole have both also declared that they are running in the 2018 Republican Primary for Alabama Attorney General.

The 2018 Republican Primary will be on June 5.


Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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