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Dom Gentile drops out, endorses Mo Brooks

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Monday, July 17, 2017, US Senate candidate Dominic “Dom” Gentile (R) announced that he is withdrawing from the US Senate race and is endorsing Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) in the August 15, Special Republican Party Primary.

Dominic Gentile said, “Imagine a strange new world, one in which your politicians: are ethical; have a heart; are true conservatives; are hard-working; tell it like it is; transparent; and are problem solvers who can navigate the complex world we live in.  I entered this Senate race because I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to serve you all in this capacity.”

Gentile said, “There has never been a question about my ethics.  I supported some of the lost and forgotten Alabamians, like those with Autism and other disabilities, and fought for medical cannabis to help them, when nobody else would.  I have worked hard going from corner to corner of the State, from sunup to sundown.  I have told it like it is, even to my own party when I disagreed with them, particularly as it related to giving all candidates a shot in debates. My principled public fight with one county GOP group led all other counties to be inclusive of all 10 candidates in the forums.  I am a change leader.  I have proven that I could navigate the complex issues for all Alabamians, but two weeks ago my family was hit with a complex issue that I don’t yet have my head around and I must learn more about.  My wife of 29 years was diagnosed with a rare form of Breast Cancer.”

Gentile said, “It is time for me to spend my time by her side, fighting to help her and others stricken by this nasty disease.  Oh she will beat it, there is no doubt.  She is strong in body, mind and faith.  She is the strongest lady I know.  But it will require a fight that will consume all of my time and energy.  And I have laced up the gloves and am ready for battle.  So I am immediately withdrawing from the US Senate race, and will be taking the fight to Cancer.”

Gentile continued, “I have gotten to know the other 9 candidates quite well during this process.  Most of them are quite nice and capable gentlemen, but there is only one candidate who meets my extremely high standards.  I am fully supporting Mo Brooks, and here is why: Mo Brooks is the most conservative candidate in this race and he fully supports our President. Mo has been in the public eye for many years and has never once faced an ethics complaint. Mo has done wonders for the northern part of our State, and I wish he would toot his own horn more about this. He can help create and bring jobs to the other parts of our State just like he did in Huntsville.  On a personal note, Mo and his lovely wife Martha have wrapped their arms around my wife during this difficult time, and I will forever be grateful to them both.  Mo works until midnight and is up at 5am back at it.  I have seen it. And Mo Brooks has one of the smartest minds I have ever come across, and can definitely handle the complexities of this position.”

Gentile added, “And to my supporters who advocate for the re-scheduling of medical cannabis from a class 1 drug so that the states can decide how to dispense this medicine, Mo Brooks is in your corner, and that is huge;  but let me personalize Mo Brooks for you.  Mo helped a campaign staffer write her will after her husband had passed away.  She had nobody to take her kid.  He said he would take them.  If you are looking for a rare breed of US Senator with true conservative principles who will get the government out of your way, if you are looking for an ethical family man who will represent our State with dignity, if you are looking for a Senator who is smart as a whip and who will work hard for you, if you are looking for a Senator with a huge heart who is guided by the principles of God; then Mo Brooks is your man.  So to all of my supporters, and to those of you who are as of yet undecided, I strongly recommend that you get behind Mo Brooks and vote him in as your next US Senator.  He is by far the best choice in this race.  He will represent you, and Alabama, with honor and integrity. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?”

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Congressman Mo Brooks said, “Martha and I are very sorry to hear of Karen Gentile’s illness and send her our prayers for a full recovery.  Our family has experienced Breast Cancer so I have some understanding of what Karen and Dominic Gentile are going through.  It has been an honor to compete with Dominic Gentile during this Senate campaign and to receive his endorsement.  It means a lot.  I have admired Dominic’s candor, sincerity and willingness to put his country above himself.  I wish we had more elected officials with his heart, compassion and selfless dedication to his beliefs.”

Brooks continued, “While there are many issues in this Senate race, I mention one that is very important to Dominic Gentile.  Medical cannabis should be treated like any other treatment that saves lives or eases pain and symptoms.  In a land of freedom and liberty, that decision is best kept between a doctor and a patient.  That is what I believe.  That is how I will vote in the Senate.  I am a firm supporter of the Constitution’s 10th Amendment States’ Rights provision.  As such, medical treatment decisions are not the Federal government’s right to dictate.  That decision should be left to state governments, their elected officials, doctors, and patients.”

Gentile said that he and his wife learned about three weeks ago that it was a possibility that Mrs. Gentile had Breast Cancer.  They got confirmation of that diagnosis two weeks ago.  “I knew the second that my wife was diagnosed,” that I was dropping out of this race.

Brooks said that according to their latest polling it is a very tight race among the top 3 candidates: Mo Brooks Roy Moore, and Luther Strange with just a few percentage points dividing the three candidates.

Brooks said the Gentile’s endorsement joins major endorsements of his Senate candidacy from: Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Laura Ingraham, and Congressman Mike Rogers.  This endorsement is huge. Brooks said that when he was first elected to the Alabama Legislature Republicans were outnumbered 132 to four.  I am happy to have carried the Republican party banner in more elections than any other person.

The Special Major Party Primaries are on August 15, and the Special Major Party Runoff Elections will be on September 28, 2017, if necessary.  The Special General Election will be December 12.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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