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Alabama Constitution Party to hold summer dinner in Prattville

By Brandon Moseley 
Alabama Political Reporter

Saturday, August 26, 2017 the Alabama Constitution Party will hold their annual dinner meeting in Prattville.

The Party announced in a statement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Saturday, August 26th the Alabama Constitution Party Summer Dinner will be held at Islamorada Fish Company inside the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, Alabama from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Please clear your schedule and be here with us as we make Alabama political history.  This event is open to everyone who loves freedom and wishes to make a difference in the future of Alabama.”

Alabama Constitution Party Vice Chairman David R. King told the ‘Alabama Political Reporter’: “Also we have a couple guest speakers who are actually Republicans. Sam McLure and most likely Isaac Whorton will be speaking as well as myself. We will also be announcing official candidates and candidates who will be attempting to gain ballot access for 2018.”

Sam McLure is a Republican candidate for Alabama Attorney General.

McLure is a lawyer.  He is married to Mary Beth McLure.  They have three children.  Sam is a foster parent who advocates for adoptions and foster children.  McLure has also worked extensively to promote pro-life, traditional marriage, and foster care reform bills.

McLure said, “Over sixteen children lose their life every day in Alabama because of abortion.  That’s terrible … an unfathomable injustice … and the effect on many parents is devastating.  Currently, Alabama is giving quarter to a few wolves in sheep’s clothing that profit from encouraging parents to abort their children.  That has to stop.  Alabama needs an Attorney General who will prosecute these abortionists to the fullest extent of the law. Period.”

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Criminal justice reform is also a topic near-and-dear to McLure’s heart. “I entered the criminal justice system as a teenager, on a string of petty crime and drug abuse.  If I hadn’t had fourteen safety nets, I would have been totally lost. We have a criminal justice system that doesn’t give the poor second chances like it does the upper-middle class.  In Alabama, that usually means minorities are getting the short end of the stick. That’s got to stop.”

McLure said that his decision to enter the Attorney General race was partly fueled by Luther Strange accepting Bentley’s appointment to US Senate. “When Luther Strange took the appointment to US Senate …  from the Governor he was supposed to be investigating … it was like watching a train-wreck happen in slow-motion.  The only thing more shocking was the deafening silence from the political establishment.  It’s crystal clear that Luther Strange chose self-promotion over his duty to the people of Alabama. When someone acts with such cavalier disregard for ethical conduct … when someone does that in broad daylight, it screams out for zealous investigation into what happened behind closed doors.”

McLure said, “Mike Hubbard and Oliver Robinson … in many ways these are just fruit from a poisonous tree.  The roots of this corruption lead to a few politico-power brokers who bribe and manipulate the mechanism of government for their own greedy ends … crushing the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Alabama.  Alabama stands at a crossroads where it will either wash away the filth of corruption or continue to wallow in the mire.”

McLure is the Founder of The Adoption Law Firm, a law firm dedicated to zealously advocating for orphaned children in need of loving stable families.  He has also authored a book entitled, ‘The End of Orphan Care’.

Former U.S. Attorney Alice Martin, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, and President Trump’s Alabaman campaign manager, Chess Bedsole, have also announced that they are running in the Republican race for Alabama Attorney General.

The Alabama Republican Party will gather in Troy earlier on the same day, (Saturday August 26) for it’s 2017 Summer Luncheon at Troy University’s Trojan Arena.  ALGOP announced that Rick Dearborn will be the keynote speaker at the 2017 ALGOP Summer Luncheon.

Mr. Dearborn previously served as Chief of Staff to Senator Sessions (now U.S. Attorney General) and also as Executive Director for the 2016 Presidential Transition Team. Prior to that, he joined the Donald J. Trump for President campaign overseeing Congressional Relations. Rick is married to Gina Dearborn, a Kinston, Alabama native.

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Charity Bowden was a 2016 contestant on the reality TV show ‘The Voice.’  She will sing at the ALGOP Summer Luncheon in Troy. Charity is from Hope Hull, AL.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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