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Constitution Party meets in Prattville

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Saturday, August 26, 2017, Alabama Constitution Party activists and supporters from across the State gathered for a summer meeting at the Islamorada Fish Company in Prattville, inside Bass Pro Shop.

David King announced that he and his family and Constitution Party volunteers had already gathered enough signatures of valid voters within the district to qualify to run in State House District 55 in 2018.

House District 55 is currently represented by State Representative Rod Scott, D-Fairfield.

Republican Candidate for Alabama Attorney General Sam McLure also spoke to the group about his campaign and his vision for Alabama.

King said that the Constitution Party has grown recently due to “An influx of some young, bright, well-spoken individuals looking for a home away from the corrupt duopoly. We have traveled across this State and met a lot of people interested in changing our State.”

King said that “Outside of the words of the Bible these (the Preamble of the Constitution) are the most powerful words written by man.  They must be read to be understood. We have lost a generation in our apathy. We have a generation coming up however 17 to 25 years old, that truly understand the concepts of liberty. Democrats controlled the State for 135 years.  Republicans have controlled it for the last decade and we really aren’t any better off.  King was critical of State Legislators constantly voting against ballot access.  If your party and platform is so good why fear the competition?  The reason is they aren’t.”

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King thanked Savannah Rae Britton for her help collecting the signatures. “Birmingham Police have been called on us so has the Walker County Sheriffs Department.  She has been called radical, un-American, and stupid for her work getting the ballot access signatures.  Savannah,  I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.” She is actually more of a Libertarian than a Constitution party person.

Thomas McCarty, age 23, said that is from Sumiton where he lives with his wife.  He is also running for the State House. “I am a simple person.  I am very straight forward.”

McCarty said that too many politicians from the major parties, “Want to take too much money out of our paychecks and do things in a corrupt way.  The Governor has had to resign for breaking the law. The Speaker of the House was convicted on ethics charges. Our generation, the millennials, are the most connect generation we have ever had,  and that is both good and bad.  I consider myself to be a classical liberal like Thomas Jefferson. I voted Republican until 2016, but the Republican party has been taken over by people who are for higher taxes and big government.”

McCarty criticized the Legislature and the Walker County Commission for the recent tax vote there.  The tax would take six years to pay off the debt.  “Instead of putting that whole seven million toward the debt they only took 1.5 million a year. They got greedy. So the tax vote failed 52 percent to 48 percent. That was a big sign for me.”

King said that under the Constitution the states have the rights. “We are the parent, the Federal government is our child.  Until we realize that we are in control we will not be in control. Our rights come from God, they do not come from government.”

King said that they have to work at the State level and then tell Washington, “No.”

The Constitution has petition drives seeking ballot access under way in several House districts.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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